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Short one
Warm up
32 k snatch 100 in 10min
Ball foot squat to knees
A couple bridges

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Did some stuff yesterday, only the double racked squats stick with me, left me sore 16K X 2. Oh, did some pathetic number for long cycles too.

Snatch test, 1 hand change 16K X 70/70, warpped up time with 1/10 X 3 as fast as I could, didn’t quite get it all in 10:00
tried chalk, don’t think it helped at all, hurt more maybe
Squats with lower body rotation (knee down)
Barbell row 95 lbs, 70ish
Handstand 1:00
alt press 16K 10/10 X 3

need to diet

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16K 1 hand snatch test 60/60
then 30/30 then 15/15
1 minute wall assisted handstand
V ups

did the pentathalon a few days back, 1400+ a few days ago.

I think I’ve over worked full extension exercises, abs were helping ROM a bunch

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got in at least two, maybe three last week that went undocumented. I know there was a 24K snatch test in there that went to the 180’s

Sat 01/19/2013 24K snatch test with witnesses Kurt Hartmann RKC, Laura Amos, Ben Wyse and others 209 reps. I can cross that off the list.

16K warm up
16K X 2 Jerk 35
The Jerks don’t seem too bad it more the time under tension. I feel like I can build these to AKC number by the end of the summer.

Squat with internal rotations Bodyweight 10:00
Scorpion Push Up 60 in 10:00
Lunge Press 16K 10:00
Started with cossacks because they tested better unweighted but tested real bad after a set.
I wrapped it up with these, my left hip was bugging me just a hair and this was an off workout. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting some snatches, long cycle and so on.

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01/14/2013 AKC Pentathalon practice

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pentathalon 16K (1st try)

Maxed it – 1056 points

I don’t own a 20 so until I get one I have to play with my 24 mixing in

Renegade rows 16K 4 X 10/10

Suitcase deadlift 25/25, 6/6

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Handstand hold(wall assisted) goal 30 sec
1 h swing 32 k 20/20
Pushups 10
Goblet squat 16 k 25
Renegade Rows 16k 10/10

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Warm up
Snatch 16k 35/35
Snatch 24k 20/7+1+rest+13
Snatch 16k 20/20
Dbl Jerk 16k x25,25,25
Russian twist 16k 25,25,25
Handstand hold (assisted) – rest between twists

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Snatch 32 k 5/5
Press 24 k 5/5
L walk bridges 2
Close grip chin 1
Shoulder wide pull 1
8 sets 30 mins

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Hit kurt’s open gym on 11/3
32 k snatch 90+
Some swings
Some crawla

Ball of foot to knee squats
Close grip chin

Handstand wall walk 8 or 9 in 10:00

Lateral leg raise 10:00
I was also able to do a back bridge from grabbing my own ankles. Never able to do that before.

Power swing 24k 10:00

Off tomorrow to vote. Something with snatches Wed then this again Thurs.

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Hindu squat to knees 5
Close grip chin 1 or 2
10 sets

Handstand wall walk ups 10 – there were a few more chins worked in

Lateral leg raise 10:00

Hip swings 16k 10:00

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