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On Idle

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 10, 2008

I’m not doing a lot right now. I’m feeling pretty decent but with a class I am trying to wrap up and vacation in under two weeks, it’s not an ideal time to start new habits, plus I am trying to avoid racing back and just injuring myself. Last week I did have an interesting experience, muscle soreness. I had done something that involved my legs for three days in a row and they let me know. While sorness isn’t what I would call “fun” it was nice to experience it again.

Over the weekend I didn’t train, I did spend a day putting together furniture.

This week,  I made it to the gym on Tuesday. Same stuff, Bike for 30 mins, then I stood on the flat part of the Bosu ball and did the medicine ball thing. I’m looking forward to actually doing some training eventually, this stuff gets boring.

For that good feeling

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 2, 2008

I did a workout today because I wanted to
Hindu Squat X 25
Pushup X 10
Renegade Row 16K X 5
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 16K X 5
5 Circuits

I’m glad I did it

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 1, 2008

I’ve said before, TVs in gyms are bad. I’m right, but I watched TV tonight. Fortunately I had lots of blinking lights to keep me on task but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t impact my workout.

Cardio 30minutes

30lb dumbbell
Hammer Curls
Lying Tricep Press
18lb Ball
Front Raise
Trunk Rotation
Ladder by 2’s 12->2

Leg Extension 85lbs 3 x 12
Leg Curl 85lbs 3 X12

I watched wipeout, some new obstacle course type show. It’s like ‘what would happen if just anyone got on american gladiators and we took out the gladiators to give them a chance’. It was as ugly as it sounds and laughable.Definitely impacts the quality of workout but funny.

I forgot to mention, PT continues, it’s mostly just traction at this point which is a-ok by me as it seems to help.

Fruit Roll Up

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Gym Strength,Rest and Recovery by Mike on July 1, 2008

I haven’t blogged in over a week, so it’s time to catch up and get back on a schedule.

Last week I hit MAC on Tuesday
30mins biking on cardio
Overhead Squat – just the bar X 10
Pushup X 10
Medicine Ball Raises (front and each side) X 10
5 Circuits

The OHS were a bad idea, I won’t be messing with those in a bit

Friday – Dumbarton
I don’t recall it all
15 minutes on the elliptical
Bench ladder 10 ->1(alternating 225, 185 for each weight)
Rows 135lbs 5 X 12
leg Extensions 5 X 12 80lbs
Leg Curls 5 X12 60lbs
Calf Raises 3 X 20 50lbs
I think that was most of it. I felt really good coming out of this and I think that making my legs do something besides atrophy was a very good thing.

Monday Morning Weigh-In: 236.6
I got a big old FAIL on eating clean for the first half of last week. I did okay 70%ish for the second half. This week has been very good so far. I’ve had some chocolate covered espresso bean (and not many) but that’s about it.
Really, all I have to do is eat clean but that means planning, scheduling and being prepared and that is where I am struggling.

No ibuprofen since Saturday. Laura was out of town and I didn’t have anything pressing so I thought I’d just see what would happen. I was surprised that I made it all day. So I stayed off the drugs through Sunday but figured with work on Monday I would have to go back. Monday went just fine without. Now it’s Tuesday and still none. I’m very happy. I can take some if I need to but I haven’t felt that need.