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The latest blogger on TrainingSyndicate

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on June 16, 2007

Join me in welcomng Anthony to TrainingSyndicate.

I have seen Anthony posting on the Art of Strength forums for a while. The guy gets an a for effort and I suspect his results aren’t bad either.

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Two new bloggers

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on June 9, 2007

Wahoo is about all I can thing to say. I posted about this over at trainingsyndicate but I wanted to put it here too cause I think it’s easy to get lost in the volume of post we have flowing over there.
It is always interesting when you meet two people, almost simultaneously, and they could be further apart. Meet our two new bloggers

Jen will be blogging at SlidingSideways, a blog about training around life and living around training. Jen get props for not only training hard but for having the best thought out, hardest researched theme I have personally seen.

Neal meets us with the LeftHook, a blog training to fight and fighting to train. Neal’s a busy guy as you can see from his first post but he made time during fight week to give us an idea of what life is like for an active, competing boxer.

Declaring Aggregator Bankruptcy

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on June 6, 2007

I recently read an article by a business guy who, after a long vacation, found he had more email than he could reasonably catch up on. His final decision was to declare email bankruptcy. I find mself in those shoes with my aggregator. I am several hundred posts behind. Rather than kill myself to catch up on something that should be fun. So I am declaring aggregator bankruptcy.

If you wrote a post to me or about me or refering to me, I’m not ignoring you. I deeply apologize for the oversight.

With that, I wil be marking All as Read and will be back to my regularly appointed rounds shortly.

TraininsSyndicate is featured on the Minute of Strength

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on May 22, 2007

The guys at Art of Strength were kind enough to feature TrainingSyndicate on today’s Minute of Strength. Show them some love.

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Two post on trainingsyndicate

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on May 21, 2007

I want to draw your attention to two posts on the TrainingSyndicate.

  • Why do you blog? Most of the folks who read this site blog their workouts in some way. Some of you use a thread in a forum, some use WordPress and some people use any number of other systems. My question is what to you feel you get from it? If you don’t blog, I’d be interested to hear why you don’t.
  • What would be cool on Trainingsyndicate is a thread asking what features I can offer at trainingsyndicate to make it more valuable to you. I could make up a ton of little features but in an effort to econimize my time and yours, I want to know what would be interesting.
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My aggregator

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on May 17, 2007

Just a tiny update here. I added a new littele feature down the right sidebar, way down, right above the banner. It’s a live feed of what’s the latest stuff to come into the feeds that I read. It may not be terribly exciting but if you’re looking for something new to read, check it out. If people like it, I can expand it or move it over to TS into a sidebar there.

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Posted in Technical Update by Mike on May 10, 2007

I’m not doing anything today or tomorrow, well some walks with the dog but that hardly counts.

I did some compy work though. Several people commented that they didn’t like trainingsyndicate‘s theme. So I changed it. Try it out, leave some feedback, I’d appreciate it.

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on May 5, 2007 authored by Mehdi is up and running.
It promises to be another great training log. Mehdi has offered to join TrainingSyndicate so it is now in the mix there. Take some time to check out this new site.

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Post a workout

Posted in Rest and Recovery,Technical Update by Mike on May 2, 2007

I love reading Workout Routines Blog, the gauntlet has been thrown. Submit a workout for all the world to see. Video is probably even better.

Today’s workut routine, 4+ miles with the dog over the course of the day. Food intake has been totally jacked.Hopefully this massive project will end tomorrow and I can get back to life as usual. If it does I’m taking my LAN Admin out for sushi tomorrow.

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Principles of Effective Action

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on April 23, 2007

Stephen’s blog is live. He’s got a few posts up and it promises to be enlightening. Head over and check it out.

This is the first person to blog under The test case. I think it has gone well so far.

EDIT: Working on Stephen’s blog has inspired me, I’ll try to clean up and tune up AoH tomorrow.

btw, Scott Styles, someone is googling you, you the search hit here

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