Anvil or Hammer

Time Crunch

Posted in Dinsoaur Style,Uncategorized by Mike on August 31, 2006

Working out under the gun a bit today. It came out pretty okay.

Tired drag jog around the soccer field. This was meant as a warm up but became pretty taxing by the end

24K kb, 80 swings in five minutes. Way under past numbers but, I got a good workout in anyway.

125lb sand bag clean, jerk, over head squat (actually on my head) X 5

Tire drag, jogged half the distance, walked the other half. That tire is deceptive.

Big Plans

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 30, 2006

I had big plans for today, a workout that would kick my butt from here to next week. Unfortunatly I just felt like crap today. Some of it may have been tiredness, I think most of it was Psycho-social crap. So I thought maybe the intensee workout would be more destructive than helpful.

Played some good tennis for an hour.

Tomorrow, barring horrible weather, I will still try to pull off the workout. If it is raining I’ll climb. Weather will be the telling factor.

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Going Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 29, 2006

Climbed today. I pretty much own the V1’s. The V2’s are a mixed bag. There is one in particular that gets me. I wanted to blame hand strength but really it is core strength that is killing me. I need to…web…grid…mesh, mesh that’s it. Cross one leg in front of my body to the other side to off set my body weight so I don’t swing (barndoor) away from the wall.

Did some hang board

Did some rings

3X2 pull ups
3X0 dips (just trying to hold myself up ther)
3X5 horizontal pull ups (feet on the floor, there has to be another name for this)
3X5 push ups.

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Swing the Century

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on August 28, 2006

one hour of pretty decent tennis followed by kettlebell juggling

once KB cycle was:

Right high pull
flip to left
left high pull
flip to right

with 16K kb

100 cycles (20, 20, 10, 10, 20, 20)

I was gonna run when I got home but I was smoked. I just laid on the floor for a half an hour, now I will finally make dinner.

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slow poster

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 27, 2006

have posted since….mmmm…Thursday.
Friday: hardcore tennis game for 1hr 30 minutes. Well, hardcore for me. I could be beaten by the girls 15 and under champ for sure. Still, lots of sprinting.

Saturday: Several hours of continuous walking at the State Fair, helpped a friend move for a couple hours. Don’t hire Starving Students Movers. They dropped her TV and charged a whole lot of money for not much. oh yeah and 6 1/2 hours to move from a one bedoroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment in the next building over.

Sunday: Tennis for 30 – 45 minutes
Sand bag walk roughly 1/4 mile 100lbs
bear hug, left shoulder, right shoulder did this rotation three times before getting to the end. Kept the breaks really short and didn’t allow and back carries.

Back carries, loaded the bag up to 150lbs. Walked from one soccer goal to the other and around it. Did it again to return to where I started. Everything I am reading is claiming it 100yrds but this is a little kids field and I don’t think it was quite that far. I’ll edit if I find the distance.Then proceeded to carry the bag back to the car, ended up with several drops on the way there.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to yoga, missed it last week

Oh yeah, and some today warned me not to have a stroke while I  was carrying the bag. I must have looked like I was in real bad shape.

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Climbing Gym

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 24, 2006

Mediocore day for climbing today. My hands felt good after yesterday’s kettlebell extravaganza but they concealed more weakness than I expected. Still, got up my Vintros and V1s, struggled at V2. The V2 I like to work really challenges me, it requires good body positition, hand strength and core strength on it’s key move. It beat me today. Eventually I got tired of failing and went and played on the hangboards upstairs.

Etch hangboard

These are cool little toys that I’m surprised more gripsters don’t abuse. You can hang from it or do pull ups.

1. Jugs, these are the easiest. Like a tactial pull up

2. Second easiest for me, you can pinch both sides of the inverted Y shape. I can barely hang at all from this postion

3. Finger holds, you can only fit two or three fingers in these, they are two different depths

4. Crip holds, forget it. I can’t even begin to use these.

On the way in I noticed they had some rings hanging from the ceiling in a side room so I decided I need to play with these. I did a couple indvidual pullups, from kneeling. Then I lowered them to pushup position. That is amazingly hard and an awesome workout
When I initiall asked the guy about them, he gave me a funny look and told me know inverted moves where allowed. I laughed.

After that, I could even climb the easiest intro route. My hands are done for the day.

Cellar Training

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 23, 2006

Didn’t know if I would be able to train today, gut issues. I hate those.

Visited Dan today. opened with some front squats with his snazzy bar and bumper plates. I bowed out at about 225 ish. I don’t recall exactly. My form is crap enough that I felt like taking it up would be stupid. Go to see Dan make attempts up to 306. I did some swings, probaby got about 100 swings per arm with the 32K kb over the course of an hour.

Did a 5 minute snatch test with the 24K kb. I drove hard for 50 per arm. I should point out by “drove hard” I mean that I swung very slowly and intentionally looking to make exactly 100 in 5 minutes, 20/minute, 1 swing/ 3 seconds, slow. I threw the Bell down and Dan let me know I have 1:30 left whitch was plenty of time for 110. I didn’t want to do it but 1:30 seemed so short that I had to try. Ended with 107. A little short. Great workout though. I don’t think I would have ever pushed for 100 snatches in 5 minutes without Dan’s prodding.

Tomorrow, I believe I will climb.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 22, 2006

Played tennis for an hour and a half

took a 1/4 mile walk with 100lb sandbag roughly 20-25 minutes
bear hug
right shoulder
bear hug
left shoulder
bear hug
bear hug

First time trying this, it was a good walk, next time, there is no resting it on the ground. When it rests, it rest on my back. Depending on time, I may not allow myself to walk with it on my back though. It’s just not enough weight to make a difference. I hope to work up to three bear hugs and each shoulder once, maybe overhead rest, then up to the 150. I may not know what I am saying though.

Tomorrow, I swing

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Posted in Grip by Mike on August 21, 2006

Foot is doing a bit better today. Looks like just a bit of bruising will be the worst of it, I think I got lucky there. I am shocked at how sore I am today. I don’t get sore terribly often so it’s a good reminder of the things I’m not doing. I spend most of the day wondering why my upper back, traps and tris were sore. It wasn’t until I was coming home from work that I recalled trying to puch Dan’s truck. Ah, there it is.

Gonna have to get me some cleetes and do that again.

Played a bit of frisbee in the park and took a walk, good recovery.

Tomorrow will probably be a bit o’ sandbags.
Probably another Kettlbell Wednesday on the horizon.
Climbing and who knows what all else.

One of these days I will head back into the gym and squat again, in the meantime, I’m enjoying the outdoors.

I have been playing with grip a bit. It’s a hard balance, cluimbing, kettlebells and grip. They all lean so firmly on grip that I usually do one thing per night. I’ve been lifting my 35lb block weight regularly, even attached some weights with magnets but haven’t reached the weight of my 40lber. The wide there is another issue. Been levering a bit, nothing worth writing down. Playing with my grippers, trying to see if I convince myself once and for all that I need to close the 3, haven’t convinced myself yet. I think the two best grip workouts of the week have been the 100 reps on a kettlebell and the farmers walk ripping itself from my hands, I can’t beat that with any grip equipment.

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Posted in Strongman by Mike on August 20, 2006

Yoga this morning.

Strongman this after noon, tennis after


135 roughly 15 yards and back
206 15yrd, drop, back
28X(something over 280 but within 10 lbs) returned 15yrds, six drops. Rolled it on my foot once. Seems to be ok.

1, rest, 1, rest, 2, rest, 3, rest, 4, rest

did some other axle deadlifts and bottom up squat, just screwing around, helped push Dan’s truck a bit.

Tomorrow, dunno, depends on the foot. I was considering climbing, may just take it off. Hoping to kettlebell with Dan again on Wednesday.

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