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Locked out

Posted in Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on May 31, 2007

Uni time last night. Apparently my student ID is already wearing out as I got into the gym ok but once I tried to take the stair well to the kettlebells, I got locked in the stairwell, it requires a card swipe to get out and mine didn’t want to work.

So I had an hour and no kettlebells. After making my way back to the gym, the hard way, I decided to try something I had thought about doing for a while. They have a really nice Nautallius room. I’m not a machines guy but I thought this would be a great chance to do a HIT style workout. I’ve never done one before and I haven’t exactly done my research so I may be a little off.

Leg Press 210 lbs 67
Bench Press 100lbs 30+
Leg curl 50lbs stopped at 100
Side raises 50lbs 75ish
Leg extensions 50lbs stopped at 100
Tricep Extensions 50lbs stopped at 100
Calf raise 100lbs stopped at 100
Bicep curls 50lbs 32
Ab crunches 50 lbs stopped at 100
some exercise I can’t recall
Oblique twists 50 lbs 25/direction
Pull overs 5olbs 100 (I think)
Back extensions 100lbs 36

As you can see the weights weren’t perfect, I think my rep range was high and I didn’t write it down. It was kinda on the fly. I had 45 minutes and just went from station to station. I think if I was to do it again, I would need to ad 50% to most exercises. I didn’t really feel like this workout was especially valuable. I just felt tired and lethargic afterward.

I was reminded of one important things while doing it. There is a point way beyond discomfort that you can take yourself to, if you want to. It doesn’t work as well when you are doing reps less than ten but when you get into 20, 30 or more, you find that discomfort is way short of failure.

Oh and I ordered some calipers.

50 rep snatch, a word of explanation

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on May 29, 2007

I owe a word of explanation on my recent acquisition of a quest for a fifty rep snatch. As you might have figured out by now, I read a few blogs regularly. One of those is Royce’s Blog. Royce is a big guy, like someone I know, who is trying to drop 60 lbs, the hard way.
Through that blog I came across Rif’s Blog. I don’t know a ton about Rif but I know he is a former powerlifter turned hardcore kettlebell guy. Rif was the first person I encountered who even suggested the idea of a 50 rep snatch (a brief search tells me I don’t know where it is he first mentions it).
Anyway, it s to Rif that I owe a thanks for the proposition of the 50 rep snatch. I recall when i went from 10 to 20 that my ability to snatch for time went up dramatically. I see a shot at 50 reps as a triple threat: TSC preparation, cardio, grip. So that is why I strive for it.

A hammer and anvil quote for today –
“We feel like our heads are hammered on a horrible anvil”
Barber of Seville

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Article madness

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on May 29, 2007

I wrote part II to my article. I’m particularly proud of the video, it’s my first with editing.

The plan stan again

Posted in Goals,Gym Strength by Mike on May 29, 2007

This week I start my summer semester at school. Just one class but two days a week. I have class Monday and Wenesday. With the gym duty on Friday, my workout schedule is pretty locked up. I’m gonna do gym lifts Monday and Friday. Wenesday will be kettlebells and bag work. I’ll try and squeeze in an additional workout, maybe on Sunday.

My goals and intentions haven’t changed. Mid to high rep work in the gym and kettlebells. Focus on weight loss first and strength second.

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Monday Morning Weigh-in 3

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on May 29, 2007

Gah! 250.6

and yeah, I did this on Monday morning. I had my wife tape me, 45″ at the waist. down and inch and no pounds, I don’t trust this. Calipers it is, Chris, I know you have told me like four times but what kind of Calipers do you have, they will be ordered. I checked Perform Better but theirs are a little pricey.

I think it’s due to allowing quite a few “indiscretions” last week. This week will be better for that.

EDIT: These look like the ones.

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Hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter….

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on May 28, 2007

… gasoline for breakfast, napalm for lunch….

an “atta boy” to anyone who can site the lyric

Real brief tonight

Bear hug carry 40yrds
tactical lunge 16K 40yrds
swing for distance (release and let it fly) 24K 40yrds
side cary 20yrds, other side 20yrds
shot put 40yrds 16K
sumo lunge 20yrds

that was it, I was exhausted.
Expect a lot more in the way of posting tomorrow, very busy weekend.

Road Rash

Posted in Grip,Kettlebells by Mike on May 27, 2007

I’m still on my quest for 50 reps per hand snatches.

Nasty, humid day

24K Snatches 5 minutes per round:

My hands were weak and sweaty for this one. At the bottom of rep 24 on the first set, the kettlebell came out of my hand and shot two feet behind me, it left a skid mark. I was gonna take a picture of the bell but the batteries on the camera are dead. Maybe I’ll add one in tomorrow after a trip to target.

The week winds up

Posted in Goals by Mike on May 26, 2007

ugh, what a week

135 X 6
225 X 6
315 X 4
405 X 2
495 X 2
515 X 1
465 X 1
405 X 3

Pull up 1, 1, 1/2
chins 2

Military Style Bench 225

Supported Rows 135

Dips Bodyweight
5 X 5

Overhand Curls 72
3 X 5

Standing Wrist Curl 45
Seated Overhand Curl 45
3 X 10
Seated Underhand Curl 45

Supported Wrist Roller 25
exentsors, flexors, extensors

I had aspired to more but wasn’t up to it. The reason, sadly, someone had those flavored tootsie rolls at work. I do like those a bit. So I got me a handful and enjoyed them for about 15 minutes. Then about a half an hour later my stomach started to not like me so much. My belly ached the rest of the day. Too much garbage.

I slacked on getting this posted for nearly a day cause I have been a wee bit busy, in a good way, this weekend. We have a couple more bloggers coming on board and I’m trying to get everything ready. I’m starting to get a process so this should get easier from here.

This weekend I’ll train one day but I’m gonna rest too. I’m feeling burnt. So I’ve got some wild caught, never frozen salmon in the oven, a tall glass of peach sun tea I had today and some Gary Numan on. I’ll be rested up in no time. I thought about kettlebells today, instead I’ll do some roller stuff.

100K anyway you like

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on May 23, 2007

The week is plotting against me.

With 45 minutes I did the following
Power Clean 40K X 5
Power Snatch 40K X 5
Power Clean 60K X 5
Power Snatch 60K X 5
Power Clean 80K X 5
Power Clean 90K X 5
Power Clean 100K X 5
Power Clean, Front Squat 80K X 5
Power Clean, Front Squat 60K X 5
Power Snatch 60K X 5
Power Snatch 40K X 5
Oly Style Squat 100K X 25
Chin Ups X 3
Behind the back wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) X 25
Overhand bench wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) 3 X 10
Underhand bench wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) X 20
Wrist roller (supported) 25lbs Top,Bottom,Top (of forearms, I’m not sure how else to say this)

The 100K was pretty awesome. I pulled it about a year ago for the only time I have done it. Since then I have been chasing it. I figured it was just greedy to try and pull more. I went for five and hit five, which is a great place to be. However, it was  power clean not a squat clean. It was ugly. It had all the body lean and bad hand position that one expects with a power clean

The squats were easier than I should have let them be. I was wore out by the end and all but I think 250 or 275 for 20 would have been way more valuable.

For a closing thing, I decided to take a shot at some chins. I was surprised. I got 3 good, clean chins. Now I know I’m working on pull ups but I’m hoping the chins will serve as an assitance exercise.

I haven’t ahd a chance to go back and read power forearms yet, I’m hoping to do it this weekend. As I recall, the curls are the types of thing they would have. I was just kinda winging it. I did find I had some pain in my extensors that I think is due to heavy computer usage and strength imbalance. I think I need to focus on hand health before hand strenght. I’m still doing gripmas but I can’t claim to have a plan on how to face it at this point.

Two in a row

Posted in Rant by Mike on May 23, 2007

That’s two nights in a row I missed. I tried to work myself up to doing kettlebells about 9pm but couldn’t do it. I did have big plans for the gym but it jsut wasn’t possible. I decided I would comp the time at work and take off early today and get to the gym.

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