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Workout 23 Episode 1 – finally

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 29, 2012

Finally I do the whole thing
Dbl Clean Burpee 16K X 2 44
went well, good ROM gains
Back Bridge 6 reps – did 5 and tested and had lost significant ROM. I worked out the kinks and went back for another one and again lost ROM. Did some testing of mountain climber type motion and found that worked better. Didn’t get a significant number of those done. Gonna have to keep and eye on these
TGU 12K 11/12 – check ROM at 2/2,5/5 and 10/10, showed good improvement, top of top of foot to middle of top of foot range
Weighted windmill 16K X 2 18/18 – great ROM, mid of top of foot, bottom of top of foot.
Snatches 24K 15L/15off/15R/15off
6/7 X 1, 7/7 X 9

In other news, last thursday I visited our chrome and fern right after work. It was supposed to be a cardio day but I felt like screwing around on the weights. I don’t know what all I did but it was fun. There were clean & jerks, squats, deads, double dumbell clean burpees and some other stuff. I followed the biofeedback principles Kurt has been teaching me and I think it was a great workout. A break from the more dogmatic approach I’ve been using for the past year. I plan on doing some freestylin’ tomorrow too.

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That were crap

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 25, 2012

Got into Kurts on Saturday. Bodyweight continues to rise. I’ve done a shit job of monitoring my intake. I’ve just sucked. There’s so much food available at work and I end up caving daily.
Good news, he’s got ope gym most Saturdays now so I’m gonna try and make some of those.

Got in a half workout on Sunday, after TGUs my ROM just plumeted
Monday I had the most vicious DOMS I’ve seen in a while, and limited to my biceps no less. I have no idea what that is all about. My left arm was virtually locked at a right angle.
Tuesda was more of the same
Today I tried to start a workout. I did weighted windmills because I’ve not done those yet. They went great, my ROM got dramatically better. Towards the end my right hip started to be an issue but on the last few. Then I couldn’t find a second exercise to help my ROM after that.

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Weekly Fitbit stats

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 25, 2012

My avg. daily fitbit #fitstats for last week: 7,698 steps and 4.8 miles traveled.

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sub par

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 19, 2012

interesting that we use sub par to denote bad when being “sub par” in golf would be good.

Been having trouble with diet and exercise again this week, I’m just bad at winter maybe. So I’m doing a couple different things. First, I’m renegotiating my workout time. 8 pm just was not doing it for me. All I could come up with was 4 am which was even less desirable. I spoke with Laura about it. She tentatively suggested 4 pm. That seem quite amenable but prone to a couple issues. We’re still discussing.

Went to the gym on Tuesday and rand 2.5 miles at a 6 mph pace. Wanted to do some squats but a guy was doing shrugs with the only Oly bar.

Started on workout 22 but ran into a couple issues that have convinced me to call it a night
Burpee – double clean 16K 42
Back Arch – no count, playing with duration versus reps. I found that going through the ROM is more beneficial than holding the pose.
TGU 12K – 10/10 This is supposed to be lighter and for speed. I’m not sure I quite hit the for speed but it’s something to work on.
Weighted Windmill 16K – no count. I tried this with kettlebells but they were really hurting the ROM of the exercise as the lower bell cuts a good foot off of how low I can dip with it. Gonna ask Kurt on Saturday

Snatch 24K – no count, even though windmills failed, I was going to do these. It’s supposed to be 15 on, 15 off, alternate hands. So I’d have 10 total sets. My usual online timer if failing me, hard. So I decided that was it. I’m done for tonight. I’ll come up with an alternate solution for the future. One is to set my gym boss for this rotation and use my computer for other timing but in the past, when the monitor goes to sleep it breaks the timer. Another is to get a second gym boss but that seems silly. The third, and most likely, is that I’ll bring my sports watch down here for timing.

In other news. The soles of my five fingers are ripping out so I have to replace them. Also, assuming I don’t wuss out on account of weather, I have an orienteering race Sunday.

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Weekly Fitbit stats

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 18, 2012

My avg. daily fitbit #fitstats for last week: 3,366 steps and 1.5 miles traveled.

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Workout 22 Episode 5

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 10, 2012

TtN 54/54

Spiderman Climber 102/102
I don’t think I skipped any numbers but man this seems high. I did feel it though. So, I don’t know how accurate this is.

1 arm swin 24K 105/105
So, I confess, I engineered this a bit. I had observed that higher count sets caused a disproportionately long recovery time so I did 10/10, 10/10 then rest then repeat. I just really wanted to see 100/100 before I was done with this program. Next goal on these is 20/20 through to 100/100.

rows 24K 50/50
This suffered a lot from the extra effort pored into swings. Also, I played with foot position a lot and found a particularly tight one that I then played with. This, of course, was extra distraction

Seated Tucks 135
Only odd this here, I could literally see steam coming off my body, like you see off players at NFL games. I don’t know if it was the right combination of lighting, heat and humidity or if this is the result of the extra hard swings.


I don’t know what the rest of my week looks like training-wise. It was implied that tomorrow would not be a training day but Thursday I have a post work event to go to. Friday is traditionally shopping day but we’ve been putting that off until Saturday lately. So, Friday may be my next workout.

In other news, I’m more excited than I expected to be about the new Fitbit scale. I’m seriously thinking about getting one and a fitbit to go with.

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Workout 22 Episode 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 8, 2012

Got in a workout on Friday

Barbell squat 225 X 10

Run 6.0 mph 15 min

Walk 3.5 mph 10 min

It was less than I had hoped on all fronts. The squat was drastically reduced from what I had expected. I realized long after that the biomechanics of my squat have changed so much that it’s not reasonable to compare it to previous efforts. Where before I was doing a power squat, all posterior chain and low on the back, this was an olypmic or traditional squat. The bar sat high and it was my quads doing the labor. That makes me interested to play with this some more.

The run was less than expected/desired due to having eaten too much for dinner and getting some wicked stitches. Live and Learn



TtN 53/53

Spiderman Climber 85/85

1 arm swing 24K 90/90

rows 24K 65/65

seated tucks 122

TGU->Windmill 24K 7/7

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workout 22 episode 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 5, 2012

TtN 51/51

Spidey Climbey 84/84

1 arm swing 24K 90/90

rows 24K 55/55

seated tucks 123

Man, this one was a little grueling. TtN was awesome as always. I fared better in climbs than last time on account of not messing around on the rings before hand (or that’s my theory anyway). I did get some of that fascia tension in the right hand. I was able to massage the arch of my left foot through my show with the corner of a hex head dumbell and it got better. Swings were low, I think, because I pushed further into anaerobic territory and it took longer to recover. ┬áLast time I did ladders down from 25, this time I did three sets of 25. It was harder, despite lower digits. Rows became tedious. I need to figure out a happy medium here. Seated tucks were decent.

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Workout 22 Episode 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 3, 2012

Thread the Needle 46/46

Spiderman Climber 76/76

1 arm swing 24k 93/100

row 16K 102/102

seated tucks 105


Felt the spiderman climbs in the muscles under my left scapula. I assume this is from stabalizing my body when raising my left leg but I was surprised to feel it so much there. I didn’t have the back tightness this time though which was nice.

I’m logging my food on fitbit again. It’s annoying but it helps keep me honest so I’ll use it to get back on track. I’ve considered other sites but since we cook a large portion of our own food I’ve had to build the nutrition facts there already and really don’t want to transfer that info.

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Started back on track today. Hope to end

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 3, 2012

Started back on track today. Hope to end 2012 not needing to lose any …

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