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Holiday Travels Part 5: Change of Plans

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on December 28, 2006

Due to a stomach bug at my families house we spent another day with m in-laws. Back to the YMCA for another round

Bottom Position Squat
I was helping my brother-in-law learn these. We started a little above parallel, maybe 6 inches and worked up to 315. Dropped 3 inches, could be argued to be parallel, could be argued not. Back up to 315. Dropped 3 inches again, definitely, at least, parallel. Worked with 225.
There were so many people staring at the squat rack, I thought we were holding up a bunch of peoples squat workouts. As it turns out, once we left the rack, no one cared about the rack.

Worked up to 315. I remember why I quit doing those. They make my shoulders hurt.

Just taking advantage of some free coaching, trying to improve my form. I don’t think I’m getting any better. I’d kinda like to get a video of myself to see if I am doing what I think I am doing.

Beginner grip routine
We did this with no chalk today, mostly just showing my brother-in-law the motions
2 hand pinch 2 fourty-fives
1 hand pinch 4 tens
wrist and finger curls with 85 lbs

Concept II
level 7, rowed five minutes, trying to hang around 30 strokes per minute. I had more trouble staying there today than yesterday.

Rope Jumping
225 bunny hop style, 50 jogging style

We played around with a 12 pound medicine ball. I did ten pushups where your hand is on the ball, you switch hands while coming off the ground, and then do another rep. Did some tosses

Tomorrow, I really am on the road all day. I’m trying to throw together a post to have show up tomorrow but I’m not sure it’ll get done. I’m running out of planned posts at this point so I’m not sure I will be able to come up with stuff to read. I hadn’t expected that I would actually get to workout as much as I have, it has been nice. Also I won’t have the 24/7 internet access there, that I have here. So posting may get sparse. If it does, know I’ll be back in a week, posting up a storm.

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