Anvil or Hammer

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Felt a little stiff and slow this morning but not too bad. I’m actually feeling a tweak I put in my back on Saturday more. When I was using my hip to move a file cabinet into the corner of the moving truck I felt that familiar feeling of vertebrae crushing the disc a little and thus the nerve aggravation. Nothing serious but I could really see the weakness on my left side when I videoed myself doing Thread the Needle for this workout. Also my range of motion was noticeably poor.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so if there is no trail watch I may just do mobility work.
Double Turkish Getup 16K 7/6
Never done these before. Wow do I have some technique to work on, sloppy, missed my last one for rushing it
Video of some dude doing them right with twice the weight:

double kettlebell snatch -> press 16K
video of chick who does swing->snatch->press->press

Thread the Needle
I did a handful of these 15 per side or so. The weakness in my hip made me more unstable than usual.
No video found, I’ll make one.

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Barbell snatch 95lbs – 57
Wore lifting gloves because high reps of these have torn the webbing between thumb and index finger in the past. I was pretty happy with the rep range but

I’d like to be pulling 135 for this.

Weighted windmills 16k x 2 – 26
Supposed to do a curl at the bottom of these but left forearm still an issue. Also, I don’t think the curl provides much value.

Supported handstands
Did one per minute for ten minutes. Most reps were about 20 seconds in duration. Playing with shifting weight to build towards hand walk.

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Been trainin’ just not login’

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currently running like 237 ish

snatch 95 lbs X 20
burpee X 10
5 sets


did some assisted handstands for about 10 minutes.
tomorrow I’m going for a 6 mile jog.

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