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Go Juice

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 26, 2012

warm up 3 min on/1 min off

jump rope

muscle up transitions (on feet)

juggle 16k

train 10 min on/2 min off

Thread the Needle -> Situp 25/25

Alt V-up 47/47

Lunge -> Open Press 16k 30/30

Alt 1 arm deadlift (sumo) 40k 50/50,

double windmill 16k X 2 18/18


Felt my enthusiasm wane during V ups. I really wanted to get through this and I’ve been hearing  about how good chocolate milk is for you when you’re training so I ran in, poured a glass of milk, dumped in some quik and instant coffee and got back to business. I suspect a placebo effect but I felt better and had no trouble driving through.



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inauspicious start

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I went and did a workout at Kurt’s on Saturday and really enjoyed it but I came out of there not feeling so good. After month of not  a rumble from my sciatic I flared it up. I managed it really well though, some I’m pretty proud of that. I took it easy the rest of Saturday and Sunday. Monday I went out and did some bag work, a fair amount on the rings and some handstands but called it early to avoid flaring further. Yesterday was a not training day. Today my ROM was to about midshin until I trained, the exercises got me to top of foot and I’m happy with that.

Tomorrow will likely be fairly gentle but not an off day because I’m travelling this weekend and don’t want to go four days in a row with nothing.

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3 min on 1 min off
16 k juggle
Deadlift 225 x 19
Ring pushup x 40
Plate lung 24/24
Renegade row 15/15
H2h swing 24 k x 50
Triple crush 16 k x 21
Handstand pushout
Shoulder mobility

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Managed to knock the hanger again. I think I’m just going to buy a chain and clasp.

Heavy bag 3 mins
Jump rope 3 mins
Thruster 16 k 80
Lateral raises 10/10 x 5
Press 32 k 3/3 x 5

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Heavy bag 3 mins X 3 (long break between 1 and 2 cause Laura called)
32k snatch 5/5
Handstand pushout x 5
Indian club shoulder therapy x 5
Done 5 times

I also mixed in doubles and triples of pull ups.

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A little heavy

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This workout was fairly poor
Heavy bag 3 X 3 mins
Handstand pushup 18
Snatch 32 k 80
Thruster 16 k 30

My shoulders were achy after snatches, says I need to clean up my form.

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First logged workout in a while

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Went outside at about 5:40
Spent about 20 minutes doing some work on the heavy bag, take a few minutes out to jump rope. I was surprised how easily it came to me. I recall struggling to just get a minute done in the past.

Lots of hitting, tried to get some left leg action in there. I am demonstrably slower and weaker on that side.

I then had grand plans to do a full workout to follow. 20 minutes in I was running out of steam and time. I called it. Today’s lesson, plan your workouts to account for your window of time. On nights when I have to cook dinner, especially with extra prep time, a shorter workout is called for.

1 arm deadlift 40 Kilos 81/81 (use heavier in the future)
X ups 80

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There goes the neighborhood

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I’ve been posting at for a while. I’ve decided that after giving it a very reasonable trial run, I’d rather keep posting here. I don’t know that I’m going to bother moving my old posts over from there to here, just pick up where I left off.

I sent this email to Kurt today regarding goal setting:

I’ve been thinking about goals since we talked over a week ago and it’s time to put finger to key.

First I’m going back to logging at I doubt I’ll bother copying my logs from, there will just be a gap in the record.

Goals: Bodyweight sub 220 (I put this on me rather than you but wanted to call it out) 200 24K snatches in 10 minutes 100+ 32K snatches in 10 minutes 10 consecutive pullups (non kipping) 10/10 32K KB press (strict) 60K Gardner Lift (TGU with barbell) 2 one-arm pushup (one per side) 1 muscle up (bar or ring) 1 elbow lever 2 flag ( one for each arm on bottom) 2 pistols (one per leg) Pole climb 10′ Complete the pegboard in your gym (up and down) handstand -> walk 10 meters (no wall assist in setting up the hand stand) Standing long jump 8′ Box jump 36″ Slackline 10′ run 1 mile in 8:00 run 10K in 50:00

Not quite developed goals (these are things I’m interested in training but don’t have a precise goal yet) rope climb (maybe distance or hands free or one rope per hand) crossfit named workouts, but none of the ones where sloppy form is required sprint, thinking 40 yard dash or shuttle run but couldn’t come up with a time to beat ring dips, couldn’t settle on a number bouldering, I’m not sure what rating goal is reasonable. There’s a point where improving technique is the only way to get better and I’m not sure I’m willing to put in that time ring rows (like an upside down pushup) for reps biking for speed or time, possibly on a single track an orienteering time goal (I did an orange course in 45 minutes last spring which is fast but it’s a simple/short course. I’d be doing something like “green course in 60 minutes, blue course in 90 minutes”) Kettlebell cert capable. I’m not interested in coaching and therefore not interested in paying for a cert but I’d like to know that if I wanted to I would only have the education aspect, the physical challenges would be not a problem. Primal movements, I don’t even know what these would look like but I’d like to come up with some goals regarding primal movements.

Intentionally omitted goals Bench Press (no bench) Squat (I’d be willing to work on a high rep squat goal but I think it would be better achieved through other exercises) Deadlift (Same as squat) long cycle (I can’t think of a reason to add this with the snatch goals in there) strongman goals (not interested in the weights, don’t have access to the equipment) grip goals (some of these may creep on there but I’m more interested in grappler style grip stuff than the old static stuff I was doing)

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