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another shot at a strength in motion today

HR 104
Warm up 16K
Swing 10/10
1/2 Snatch 10/10
Goblet Squat 10

HR 157

24k bell unless otherwise stated, 30 seconds unless otherwise stated
One arm press 10/13 60 seconds total
1/2 snatch 10/9 60 seconds total
Double squat 10
Getup situp 2 12K
Figure 8 to hold 9/9
pushup 17
rest 60 seconds
One arm push press 10/9 60 seconds total
snatch 10/10 60 seconds total
H2H sumo deadlift 11/11
Side Bend 8/8
Alternating Clean 6/6
Figure 8 to hold 5/5
Close grip pushup 20
rest  1 minutes
Long cycle jerk 6/6 60 seconds total
1/2 snatch 6/6 60 seconds total
Behind the neck squat 10

There wer four more exercise, the next one was windmill. My back muscles were shot and I didn’t feel like that was a great idea and my brain was giving into my bodies pleas, as you can see by the sudden drop in reps that began with the last figure 8s. I don’t know why it was too much. I tried to up the intensity on each set but I wouldn’t have expected to reach mental exhaustion from that. I assume there were outside factors too, too numerous to count.

Chickens have thumbs?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 26, 2008

I had no idea, with a little claw on them too.  I cooked a whole chicken today for food for the week, which I have done before but never noticed the thumb.

Inspired byt Anthony Diluglio’s Lucky Number 7 Flw drill.

HR 79
Warm up 16K
swing X 10/10
Squat X 10/10
1/2 Snatch X 10/10
press X 10/10
HR 167 Time 6:40

Round 1
24K bell, do the left side for all exercises then the right
Turkish Getup
Overhead Squat
Reverse Turkish getup
HR 161 Time 8:40

Round 2
24K, Do all exercise for the left side then do the right
Turkish Getup
Overhead Squat
Swing X 10
1/2 Snatch X 5
Press X 5
Straight leg Deadlift X 5
Reverse Turkish Getup
HR 165 Time 13:54

Round 3
24K, Do all exercise on the left then do all on the right
Turkish Getup
Clean and jerk x 5
Squat X 5
Row X 5
Reverse Turkish Getup
HR 171 Time 17:30
Rest 2:30 HR 129 Time 20:00

Round 1 HR 156  Time 21:14
Round 2 HR 171 Time 26:11
Round 3 HR 178 Time 29: 51
Rest 5:00 HR 110 Time 35:00

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More Strength in Motion

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I keep posting these real late but I just don’t really get a chance to type them out sooner.

30 seconds rest 24K kettlebell unless otherwise stated

HR 104
One Arm press L 8
One Arm press R 9
1/2 Snatch L 8
1/2 Snatch R 8
Double Squat 7
Barbell Getup (12Ks) 2
Double Clean and Press 6
Figure 8 to a Hold 7/7
HR 162
1 minute rest

Pushpress L 7
Pushpress R 10
H2H Sumo Dead 12
Side Bend 7/7
Alternating Clean 6/6
Figure 8 to a hold 8/8
Military Pushup 15
HR 172
1 minute rest

Long Cycle Jerk L 9
Long Cycle Jerk R 10
1/2 Snatch L 8
1/2 Snatch R 8
Behind the Neck Squat 10
Windmill 2/1
Double Clean and Press 6
Staggered Pushup 6
High Plack
HR 185

5 minute after 116

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I need to get a second 24k bell

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 21, 2008

Unexpectedly training from home tonight, i don’t have 2 24K bells so doing another Strength in Motion workout was out so i dug out the copy of the Art of Strength Enter the Kettlebell Workbook that I have but have never used. I flipped to the last workout and did it.

Exercise Time of Completion HR of Completion Notes
Begin 00:00 85
DFD6 5:00 163 Replaced 30 seconds of each exercise with 10 reps, 16K
C&P + Row ladder to 5 10:07 160 I messed up the order, I did all my C&Js then row. 24K from here on
Rest 11:14 135
C&P + Row ladder to 5 14:56 176 went well
Rest 15:30 167
C&P + Row ladder to 5 19:30 181
Rest 19:48 175
C&P + Row ladder to 5 23:37 183 I forgot my rows until the third set so I had to catch up
Rest 24:05 177
C&P + Row ladder to 5 27:53 182 I may have lost count and repeated set 5
Rest 30:00 141 Slightly longer rest than previous to change gears
Swinges 25/25 24K 31:35 181
Rest 33:00 150 I had to go for chalk
Swinges 25/25 24K 34:40 184
Rest 41:00 141
Swinges 25/25 24K 42:40 180
Rest 45:00 145
Swinges 25/25 24K 46:46 179 I actually set the bell down with 6 reps to go, unwilling to go on. I took a couple breaths and finished it up.
5 Minutes later 52:00 110

The Clean and Presses weren’t as bad as I expected they would be. I came through those thinking, it this is the last workout in the series, I’m glad I didn’t spend more time going through it. Then came the swings. Anthony never said whether these were supposed to be one hand or two. I assume he meant two since he just said 25 and not 25/25 or 25 L/R but i decided to got for One handed doing 25 each side. That definitely made it a workout.

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Sunday Tradition

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It’s becoming the norm that on Sunday’s my wife talks to her family in the afternoon, Raven’s football is on the TV and I do my thing.

Warm up : DFD 16K, 24K

30 seconds left, 30 seconds right, 30 seconds rest (things without sides are 60 seconds straight with 30 seconds rest.

Exercise Reps 1/HR1 Reps 2/HR2 Reps3/HR3
Snatch Left 9 9 8
Snatch Right 9 8
Rest 167 173 173
Squat L 10 9 5
Squat R 9 7 5
Rest 173 179 185
1/2 Snatch L 8 7 5
1/2 Snatch R 8 8 5
Rest 176 181 176
Lunge L 7 6 5
Lunge R 6 5 5
Rest 173 175 172
Clean and Jerk L 7 6 5
Clean and Jerk R 7 6 5
Rest 177 178 177
Sumo Deadlift (60 Seconds) 26 17 15
Rest 170 168 167
Rest 162 169 167
Rest 154 154 154
HR after 5 minutes rest 108

I decided to throw in some abs too
crunch 30 seconds
rest 30 seconds
leg lift 30 seconds
rest 30 seconds
Repeat for a total of 3 times.

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More Strength in Motion

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on October 16, 2008

Workout 2 of Strength in Motion. These are designed to be done, four per week. Right now I can’t seem to even get 4 workouts per week as it is and I certainly couldn’t keep up with these four times a week. I didn’t plan on doing two this week but I was feeling surprisingly good today so I gave it a spin.

30 seconds training with 30 seconds rest with 24K kettlebell(s) unless otherwise stated.

Warmup DDFD3 X 3

One arm press 11/10 (30 seconds per side followed by 60 seconds rest)
1/2 Snatch 10/9 (30 seconds per side followed by 60 seconds rest)
Double squat 9
Barbell Get-up Situp 3
Double Clean and Press 6
Figure 8 to a hold 7/7
Pushup 15
Plank (10sec, 10sec, 5)
1 minute rest
One Arm pushpress 9/9 (30 seconds per side followed by 60 seconds rest)
Snatch 9/10 (30 seconds per side followed by 60 seconds rest)
H2H Sumo Deadlift 10/10
Side Bend 8/8
Alternating Clean 5/5
Figure 8 to a hold 7/5
Military pushup (I forgot to write it down)
One minute Rest
Long Cycle Jerk 4/4 (30 seconds per side followed by 60 seconds rest)
1/2 Snatch 7/8 (30 seconds per side followed by 60 seconds rest)
Behind the Neck Squat 11
Windmill 2/2
Double Clean and Press 6
Staggered Pushup (I was wiped, I got a couple, but hardly any)
High Plank (10 seconds)

Chin up single 4

Notes: Boy the left side of my lower back was done, a bit sore and blown out. Not feeling like an injury just like it had done all the work it was gonna do. The final pushup and plank were too muvh for me. I wasn’t able to do them.

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Putting the mental in experimental

Posted in Kettlebells,Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 14, 2008

Two workouts today, yes two

Experiment number 1 – morning workout
12K Kettelbell (yes, 12K)
2H swing X 10
1H swing X 5/5
Snatch X 5/5
Clean + Bottom up press X 5/5
3 circuits
This is as best I can recall, that was hours ago.
This is really light and I know it. I still have major reservations about training heavy in the morning. On top of that, this ins’t meant to be a hard workout. I just want to get some blood flowing, to get that nice feeling you get with morning training and because I’ve been feeling a real impulse to get a little more movement in my day.

Experiment two – Anthony DiLuglio workout
warmup – DFD2 2 rounds 16K
Unless I otherwise indicate, all of the following is with a 24K kettlebell. 30 seconds training, 30 seconds rest
One Arm Press, Left – 8
One Arm Press, Right – 8
1/2 Snatch, Left – 8
1/2 Snatch, Right – 8
Double Squat (2 24K kbs) X 6
Barbell Getup Situp (no weight) X 3
Figure 8 to Hold (16K kb) X 7/8
Should Width Push Up X 13
rest (total 1:30 rest)
One Arm Push Press, Left X 9
One Arm Push Press, Right X 9
Snatch, Left X 9
Snatch, Right X 9
H2H Sum Deadlift X 20
Side Bend, Left X 12
Side Bend, Right X 14
Alternating Clean (Dip and Switch) X 5/6
Wide Pushup X 15
Double Clean and Jerk (2 24K kbs) X 5
Double C&J X 5
1/2 Snatch, L X 7
1/2 Snatch, R X 8
Behind the neck squat X 12
Windmill X 2/1
Double C&J X 5
Staggered Pushup X 8 (singles, 1/2s)
High Plank (sets of 5 seconds)
This is the first workout from Punch Gym’s new eBook, Strength in Motion. I recommend it highly. I’m torn between my desire to post my workouts in the public domain and my desire to not theive anyone’s intellectual property. For me, posting workouts wins. All I can say is, I like Anthony’s book, I recommend Anthony’s book, you could attempt to rebuild his book based on some workouts I will be doing but you will be missing things. So if you want to try it, go get a copy.
There are some movements in here that I have never done before, fortunately Anthony posted an FAQ video which is helpful.

Strength in Motion Q&A from art of strength on Vimeo.

This workout was tough. It was tough because it was new, because I was using a relatively heavy bell for me, 24K and because I made some mistakes. The big mistake was doing two double clean and jerks where I should have done single long cycles. That about put me down. I spent that last set fighting to keep going and to not let my body get carried away with itself.
I know the workout was tough for a couple reasons. First, I felt it, I was worn out and my shirt was soaked. Second, people reactions. I got some funny double takes on my back to the locker room, still dripping. I’m corgial as I travel, I say hi to folks, whether I know them or not. I walked past one guy I see ever week, we said our “how’s it going” and he started to say something about did I have a good workout, then turned and looked and said “I know you had a good workout”. A good workout it was.

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Sunday football

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TGU  5/5 16K
Snatch 10/10 24K
Sumo Squat 10 40K


3:21 warmup

3:27 start

3:45 end

only 15 minutes but it felt much longer, more to follow.

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Do the timewarp

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I’m posting this long after I did it but backdating the post for record keeping.

TGU 16K 1/0
Alternating Clean 12K 10/10
TGU 0/1
Lunges 10/10
3 cycles
10 minutes

TGU 1/0 16K
Burpee 5
Mountain Climber 10/10
TGU 0/1
Crunches 10 12K
Leg Raise 10
3 cycles
10 Minutes

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24K snatch 5:00 – yep did it finally
15/15, 10/10,5/5,5/5
70 by my count

Squats – these ended up becoming a mess of who knows what.
I started doing “low” squats onto the lowest jump box they had. I relized Iwas just hitting parallel. So I started looking for something lower. Of course, the next box was too low. I couldn’t even squat with no weight onto it, under control. So I got about looking for that happy medium box. I ended up with one of the step aerobic things, the green ones, with purple adjustable risers that you can see at most gyms and universities. I had two risers under it. It was still a bit of a challenge to hit it under control, even without weight. so I did that for a while

Abs – same static abs

jump hangs – I meant to d jump hangs but they have  peg board (which I’m too weak to use) and a thing like a short ladder hanging from the wall at pull up height. I ended upplaying around climbing up and this thing a couple times instead. I tried to do jumphangs after but that was right out.

That was it, I was out of time.

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