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The 95%

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 30, 2011

Went for a jog today down Minnehaha to the Mississippi, up the other side of Minnehaha and then returned. It clocked in at 3.5 miles, 41 minutes, so just below a 12 minute mile, which is a little slow for me. It had a fair number of hills and some trail running involved though so I’m pretty happy with the time and I really feel I got a good workout in. I wore my heart Rate Monitor for it and clocked it at 715 calories, Max HR 179, Avg HR 166. I also did a couple side hills just for the leg work and hit the monkey bars on the way to and from the run. I’m still working on monkey bars because they are a fantastic upper body workout. I can tell you where the 179 happened, that hill coming out of the valley is just crazy and I hit 179 or 95% of my max HR coming out of that. I felt it throughout my body to; lung, stomach, heart. I wouldn’t dare push that hard for long but once in a while for a short while, it’s good.
Tomorrow is Kurt’s workout. It’s a bit grinding but it’s going to sit really well between today’s workout and my plans for Tuesday. Tuesday I’m going to a place called, I think, Sky Zone. They basically have a gymnasium of gymnastics trampolines and you can just screw around or you can get some dodgeball going. with jumping and bouncing and all kinds of craziness off the trampolines. It should make for a facinating workout. I doubt I’ll wear my HR as I don’t trust it to stay in place.

Wednesday or Thursday will be off, the other day will be Kurt’s workout. That’ll be the week.

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Providence 16K – win

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 26, 2011

Completed with 16K, 90 reps in snatch challenge


Running heavy today 243.4 prior to workout. I got back on diet today so I’m sure that’s slightly artifically high but I’ll need to monitor.

I did Providence today because I wanted a break from my current workout and needed someone kicking me in the ass to keep moving. I surogated Anthony DiLuglia’s voice for my own head voice today. I did better than I ever recall doing on the workout. Other than a couple stumbles in the tactical lunge section and a couple drops in the slingshots I kept going straight through. I won’t call it easy but I will say that I think Kurt’s custom programs are tougher. In fairness to Anthony, presumably any tailored programs will always win but I enjoyed the counter point.

Tomorrow is Tennis. Friday is Off. Saturday will have to be early or not at all, I’m thinking early jog.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 24, 2011

I mindlessly ate a bunch of trash food today and boy did it impact me productivity, mood and workout-wise. I got nothing done, at all.

I even cut my workout short due to just feeling like crap


Swing 32K 140

Bottom up press 16K 66

Cossack 16K 100


I’ve got my meal all packed for tomorrow, eggs and veggies. Here’s to proper nutrition and proper training.

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Monday Morning Check In

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 24, 2011

Weighed myself yesterday at 239.0. Today had me at 238.4.

I’ve been cold a bit lately, that’s be a new experience for me. I’ve been hot all summer. Now that it’s cooled off I’ve had cold extremities. I don’t normally have cold extremities so I think it’s related to the weight loss as well. Additionally I’ve been famished lately. I’m in that weird space where I feel like I eat pretty much all the time but also feel like I’m hungry frequently. So I’m trying to monitor that balance.

I got a bike yesterday so we went out for a short ride I’m looking forward to some moreof that.

That’s pretty much it for today. Training is going well. Diet is going well.

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run day

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 22, 2011

4.06 miles 41:10, just over a 10:00 mile consistently.

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Workout 17 Episode 2 + bonus round

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 21, 2011

From last eve

Swings 32 K 67

Bottom Up Press 16K 50

Cossack 16K 90

TGU 16K 25

Situp with Rotation 16K 100

Bonus Round: 10-10-10 in 10
10 burpees
10 chair dips
10 mountian climbers (count only right foot)

4 rounds + 2 burpees

I was surprised that the dips seemed to take the greatest toll. I think doing the situps with the kettlebell made an impact but not too bad of a result in my book.


In-laws are back in town today through Sunday morning. I don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze in a workout on Sunday but I’ll try. Laura agreed to letting me train approximately 7 hours  a week, which is cool. I’ve also played with the idea of adding an am workout ubt I’m not sure I’m prepared to pay the price.

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workout 17 episode 1

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 17, 2011

1H Swings 14K 200
Bottom Up Press 16K 50
TGU 16K 25
Cossack 16K 80
Situp Twist 16K 100

touching shoe fabric from about the middle of the workout on.
Got my ne hydration backpack and shoes in today. Family in town this weekend but I may try to slip in a jog Sunday

Tomorrow I’m at Kurts
Wednesday off
Thursday, back for episode 2

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between family weekends

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 17, 2011

This past weekend we had family in town. As a result I didn’t get any real training done. Saturday I did sets of 25/25 snatches while raking leaves, every 30 minutes or so. I got interrupted by the neighbors wanting to talk so I only got to 250.

I’m looking forward to hitting the gym tonight, a lot. Plus I have a new workout.

Tomorrow is a check in with Kurt. We’ll discuss getting me ready for the the Tough Mudder. I’m obsessing over the muscle up right now so that’ll most likely be a part of it.

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Slow week

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 14, 2011

Got my physical on Tuesday. I’ve got the results and they’re decent. My blood glucose was normal (89) and thus I’m not appearing the be diabetic, something I’ve worried about at times. My BP was a hair hight (134/81). I’ll blame some of it on the fasting but it’ll be something to work on. My cholesterol is high, but my HDLs are high too. She, the doc, didn’t seem to think it was something to be treated with meds (Total: 213, HDL: 37, LDL: 157, Triglyceride: 57). Again, something to work on but not terrible. Finally I got my thyroid tested and it came back as being right in line.

While there I got a vaccination. It took a couple days for the shoulder to heal up but I’m good now. I’ve got family coming to town over the weekend so I won’t get much training done then. I’m really excited to get back to full swing training. I’ve got some new running shoes and a hydration pack (think camelbak) coming in on Monday. So look for a lull in my training until then but next week should be awesome.

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Workout 16 Episode 6

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 10, 2011

Monday PM workout
Sumo DL 185 lbs X 100
1/2 TGU 24K X 39
MTN Jump X 115
Dbl Snatch -> Press 16K X 2 X 58
Janda 115

Post workout weigh in – 239.8

Tomorrow is my day off from training but it’s an important day in my health. I’m getting a full work up on my cholesterol, biometrics (from a clinician), I also asked about testosterone and thyroid but I never got a real answer. We’ll see how that goes.

Also, bought some new trail shoes and hydration pack (water battle with a hose) on the cheap thanks to a site that Kurt linked me into.

Addendum: Posted my bodyfat workbook

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