Anvil or Hammer


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not running at 100% today. Two days of junk food are having an impact, I think

Ball of foot squats to knees

close grip chin

I’m going to combine those two into one 10:00 period for future training

lateral leg raises

handstand walk ups



Still debating what tomorrow will be. look at heavy snatch, bridges but not sure beyond that.

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some soreness from yesterday but not bad at all. Dog woke us up way early and I couldn’t get back to sleep so lots of general malaise today. Workout was meant to be therapeutic and I think it was.


Burpee 69

Halo 16K 90/90

Thread the Needle 41/41


Been dieting the past week and it seems to be working. Diet has been pretty general, limit volume – that’s it. So, where I used to take a tupperware of soup, or whatever, then eat copious amounts of nuts or buy a sandwich or etc when I was hungry or bored or tired or just walking around; I’m now trying to take what I will eat and eat only what I take. This means I spend an hour or so being hungry before lunch and the same right before coming home. I have allowed myself a snack when I get home but I need to monitor that even more closely.

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Renegade row 16K 50/50

snatch 24 K 25/25 X 2, 5/5 X 4 (something wrong with the counting on this one but I can’t believe it was 25/2 X 3 either) When I hit my last set of 25 on my right, the are was way fatigued, like I had just used it.

TGU – Windmill 24K 5/5 (lost count multiple times, good form though)

1 arm power swing 16K 115/115

2H high pull 40K 110


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wARM UP 10:00

Power Swin 24 K 10:00 200 reps

Bridges 10:00

Pushup 10:00

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driveway w/ Vern

warmup: heavy bag

20 kb thruster 16 k

20/20 h2h swing

20 kb thruster

5 widthvgecko crawl

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lazy sunday

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Fall’s here so today I moved my gym back down stairs.
Fall 2012 Basement Gym
row with rotation 24 k10/10 X 8
Snatch 24K 140
High pull 40K 10 X 10
I need to make sure I monitor my form on the high pulls. Good form (full extension, eyes up, loosens my body) Bad form locks it up.

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Boxing 3 minutes on 1 minute off X 3
1 arm row 24K 90
Snatch 24K 20,20,15,15,10

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First Adventure Race

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Well, I did one once before but that was solo and I had no idea what I was doing

Did the Fall sprint with Shane on 10/13

5 hours covering 25 miles on bike or running through the woods. I’m guessing it was about 10 miles on foot and 15 on bike


10/14 I took a spill while running with the dog in the park. I landed on my shoulder. At the time I didn’t think much of it. In hindsight I’m surprised I didn’t break it. I was left with a lump that is sore but improving. Some lifting will be impaired by this.

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Row 24 k 90/90
Snatch 24 k 20,20,15,15,10,2/0
Tgu wm 6/6

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1 arm row with rotation 24 10/10 160
Snatch 24 160
Tgu -> windmill24 6/6
Power  swing 24 150
Barbell Clean 60 65…4 40
Handstand Walk out 3

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