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Today I had my energy back. So I used it up.

24K 1 Handed Swings 10/10
12K X 2 Squat 10
10 sets
I set out to do ten sets of these. I was feeling it at three. I told myself that I set out to do ten, I needed to at least do five, at the very least. Five came easier than three did so I did a sixth. Then I was sure I couldn’t finish. I told myself a story about a guy I heard of who thought he could only do three then went on to do six, that’s a whole 100% more, surely I could do a meer 70% more if he could do 100% more. I got to eight and really knew I couldn’t go on. i told myself a story about I guy I heard of who knew he could only do three and did a whopping eight, that’s 170% more, surely I could do a meer 40% more if he could do a full 1705 more. So I did.

I didn’t have a timer with an alarm running but I did start my stop watch running when I started and I checked it at five sets, 10:30 and at ten sets, 29:00.

Static Abs X 1.5
I did my three planks but for the second set, I could only hold each side for a 15 count.

Jump Hangs Pull X 5, Chin X 5
This is basically me jumping to a pull up or chin up position and holding it or slowing my decent as much as possible. My pull ups have always been poor, this is me hoping to put something together to get them up.

In other news, my back has been feeling as good as new lately. I’m doing everything I can to not over do it though. The last thing I want is to end up hurt again but I don’t think I have been this healthy, injury-wise, in a year. I’m looking for documentation in my blog to prove it to myself but I can’t find any yet. I know that long before I had any idea that I was injuried, I started to have trouble with discomfort during my pull ups. Seems like that was a year ago or more.

some snatches

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no time
no rest

70 reps per arm by my tally

1 round of planks

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Five Finger Discount

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My snazzy new shoes came on Wednesday. I took them on a walk. You walk a lot more like you are barefoot, not heel to toe like with tennis shoes. They provide adequate protection from most things although someone who thought they were going to jog in them might be in for a nasty surprise. I wondered if I hadn’t gotten them one size too large (I got size 41, so it’s only like a quarter of an inch difference). When I got home I reviewed the fitting instructions and got them just right. I could probably go a size smaller but it would be a gamble and these are just fine.

I was having a hard time settling on what to do in the gym. I was also having trouble wanting to do anything. I think I was just feeling a bit run down. I went ahead and tried.

12K jerk X 20 (12k in each hand)
24K swing X 20 (10/10)
16K squat X 15
12K jerk X 20
24K swing X 10 (5/5)
16K squat X 15
12k jerk X 20
24K swing X 10
16K squat X 10
12K jerk X 20
24k swing X 10

Static Abs(a bunch of different planks)

That’s as best I can recall it. Like I said, I was struggling to find the motivation. Once I got started, I had started with too many reps in a couple areas and the workout just kind of disintegrated.

Friday – off

Saturday – Bike random setting level 13 for 30 minutes
The big news of this workout was that I did some pull ups afterward. My pull ups have dropped in count (weight gain plus a lack of practice). The good news is that I didn’t feel it in my nerve at all. This has been one of the exercises that has been a hold out in reminding me that I’m still a bit injured. It comes from the position that I, and most people, get into for pull ups, with the hips pressed through pretty hard. As I looked back on my injury, this was also one of the first symptoms I had although I didn’t recognize it at the time. So, I’ll start trying to remember to do these after planks now.

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Long Way to go

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I’ve been really happy with my last few workouts, they’ve gone much easier than I expected. This workout was harder than I expected and in ways I didn’t expect. That’s probably a good thing too.

12K X 2 Jerk
5:00 69 reps

24K 1H Swings
10/10 X 5
That took about 3 minutes and was killer. My muscles wanted to quit, my lung had quit. The only thing that wasn’t trying to quit was my hands.

Static Abs X 2
This was various Planks (front, side, other side) for 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest. I couldn’t even hold it for one round. I had to take brief rests. So I’m going to try do this one a lot more. I’d like to get to where I can do one minute of all three positions without rest. we’ll see how that goes.

Hoover Leather

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During the Great Depression people who had no shoes used what they could to protect their feet. Hoover Leather was a name given to using cardboard for shoes. Today, I was shoesless 🙂 for shame.

5 min snatch test
16K X 121 (25/25, 20/20,15/15,1/0)
I just wanted to try out a snatch test. This was a relatively easy pace to maintain, aerobically. I need to work on my grip. Suggestions for Kb grip, grip guys?

2H swing 32K
20, 15, 10, 5

Squat 32K
5 X 5

How do I come up with them?

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I recently showed someone my blog, someone I know only through an online game I play. Her first question was about making up the workouts, how do I come up with them? I realized I just don’t know. This was one of those workouts. I got to the gym, changed my clothes and realized I had no plan. So I sat down on the bench with pen and paper in hand and tried to think about what I wanted to do. I wanted some snatches so I wrote that down. Then I thought, “I want to do full body so what else?”. I decided squat thrusts were in order as a pushing exercise. Then I threw in burpees just because I’ve been trying to work on them.  Then I decided that burpees and squat thrusts would use too many of the same muscles in my legs so I backed squat thrusts down to jerks.

So, I guess the methodology is to know what kind of workout you want (cardio, circuit, strength). Start out with a goal or an exercise you want to do then build your workout around it. In my case, I do a full body workout if I was doing a split, I’d need to keept the rest of my splits in mind. I just fill in the gaps for what I want to work on. Then I review it for overlaps so that I don’t limiti myself too early with some overly ambitious exercise.

Do some of you guys have a different method?

16K Snatch
2X 12K Jerk

1 minute of training followed by 30 seconds of rest for 5 rounds

Snatch 26L 25R 25L 23R 11/11
Jerk 23 24 26 22 22
Burpee 10 9 9 8 6

That made for a challenging 22:30. The burpees numbers probably look low and they are. I was going slow relative to the crossfit folks because I found them to to be pretty hard to do. The 42 reps I have here have to be a new best for most burpees done in one day for me.

Flip Flops

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***** Surgeon general’s warning*****
Never, ever do this, you could get injured, maimed, killed or worse (kicked out).

*****End Surgeon General’s warning *******

On tuesdays and Thursdays I have to pack my my food and clothes for a 14ish hour day. Invariable, some things get forgotten. That was the case today. I forgot my gym shows. The good news is tha I take sandals to shower in and those did not get forgotten. So, today’s workout was performed in sandals, which wasn’t all that bad but it left me trying to dodge authority figures on my way to the kettlebells as open toed shoes are forbidden.

3minutes on, 3 minute off
16K snatch X 75 (25/25, 25L)
16K snatch X 75 (20/25, 10/15,5/5,5/5,5/5)
6K chestpass to the wall X 75
8K row 130 (25/25,25/25,10/10,5/5)
24K 2H swing 60 (25,15,10,10)

Short and sweet

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An ad hoc, pretty quick one today
16K kettelbell
10/10 snatch

I did this for a ladder of burpees up to 5. I took a pretty long break to totally get my wind back. Then I did a ladder from 5 down to 1. That was it. No time was kept.

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Real quick

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I don’t have a lot of time now but I want to get this down before I forget it. I may come back and comment later.

UB gym

16K snatch 25/25 X 2 (100 reps) – about 4 minutes
12K Jerks (2 bells) 5 reps, rest in the rack for a 5 count X 16 (80 reps) – about 5 minutes – trying to work the rack
24K 2 hand swing 25,20,15,10,10,10,10 (100 reps) – about 5 minutes

Kettlebell Crunch 12K X 10
renegagde Row 12K 5/5
low box jump X 10 

circuit X 3
about 7 minutes


EDIT: I have a bit of time while I’m waiting on some other things to happen, sitting here.

This workout was an attempt to hit some of the basics of kettlebells, the snatch, the jerk, the swing. The last circuit was thrown in at the last second. Going into this workout, I was surprised I hadn’t gotten more wrecked by Tuesday’s workout.  I really wanted to try and do a 10 minute test with a 24K then I thought about the 16K but a 10 minute test in general just sounded like asking for trouble so I laid off a bit. I think I may have laid off too much.

Ah well, there’s always next time.

The most fun you can have with your belt on

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Jerk (two bells)
12K 3 X 10
24K 5 X 5
12K 5 X 20
2 hand swing
24K 4 X 25

I gave myself a minute for each set. For anything with the 12K’s, I went each minute. Things with the 24K(s) I did a minute of training and a minute of rest.
As I kind of referenced, I did this with a belt on, not something I have done before. Yesterday i got the green light from my PT to proceed on my own path and was told that whatever I’m doing is working so keep it up. She warned against a rapid return to heavy stuff and to just be careful with the over head stuff. Since i was going overhead and a bit heavier than usual, I decided to try it with a belt, it’s what all the grivek’s do anyway. It did seem to help with the jerks, it takes some of the load from the midsection and places it square on the hips. With the swings, it’s been a while since I just did swings, it seemed to place a lot more of the effort in the glutes, it also explains the differences between Hardstyle and Girvoy kettle snatches.
it was educational if nothing else. Let’s see how the body is coping tomorrow.

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