Anvil or Hammer


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Took Tuesday off because I needed to go buy my text books for the fall semester. Swapped a good yoga session for dropping $400 on books.
Yesterday I wanted to play with doing some higher rep swings.
16K kettlebell 4 X 25/25 with no rest
It was interesting to monitor my heartrate, it didn’t raise as much as I would have expected as I went through the exercise. It’s interesting to me that heartrate seems far more tied to the weight involved in the exercise than the duration or perceived difficulty.
I wrapped up with 5 X 5/5 Sots press
This was also interesting. I’ve been looking at the squat movement lately and it has occurred to me the the biggest hindrance is ankle mobility, specifically the Achilles tendon. It’s obvious I’m not the first person to think of this, that’s why Olympic shoes are the way they are. With the Sots press what I found was that I couldn’t really do it flatfooted, it required that I get out of balance and tweak my back in a weird way. If I roll forward to my toes then I could very easily and smoothly complete the movement. I realize that this is a verboten body position to a lot of physical therapists and so on. I’m not sure what I think of it at the moment.
Finished with 1/2″ band back flies 3 X 10

Tonight I’m looking forward to a bit of yoga.

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Keep up, Boy!

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I haven’t been keeping up
Last Wednesday
24K Clean and Jerk 10 minutes, I forget the reps
16K swings 5 minutes
recumbent bike 30 minutes

Thursday – nothing, I needed to chill
Friday – off day
Saturday – Jogging 30 minutes. 5.5 mph, no elevation
Sunday – Yoga 30 minutes

Tabata snatches 24K 5 sets per side
Goblet Squat 24K 2 X 25
1 leg Banded rows 1/2 band 5 X 5/5
Later, I’ll bike, it’ll be fairly light.

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Best Yoga Session

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I did about 25 minutes of Power Yoga (the DVD is about 45 minutes for one workout). It was probably my best session I’ve ever had. As soon as I heard the guy talking and saw the video I had a brief moment of loathing as I was taken back to how I usually felt when I was alway trying to do this first thing in the morning. That’s just not a good time for me to train. Once that passed I was feeling good doing the yoga.My breath was more controlled, I was enjoying each position and feeling it out more. It was just a nice workout.

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Batting 1000

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I’ll take small victories where I can:

  • Weighed myself this mornign 249. Not nearly as bad as I expected. Still, lots to do.
  • Packed my lunch and took it, as advertised
  • Got in a snatch test before supper
  • Light Supper
  • Off to Chrome and Fern for some cardio later

The snatch test was 10 minutes and I counted 150. A little lower than the last couple times. It was quite different than the last couple times too. I didn’t have the usual muscular exhaustion, I was winded. It’s an easy fix though.

I have my new HR monitor. I tried to use it for the snatches but it appears I need to add one more button press to get it to actually record. I could see my HR (mid 160s-ish average, max at 180) but I don’t have any stored info. I’ll try again tonight. I got the polar F7M grey. I’ll report back more when I’ve played with it.


In other news, I’m trying to think of things I’d like to put on a homepage..

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Change of pace

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The reward for 7 weeks of intensive classes is 8 weeks of peace and calm. Those days started on Friday. I celebrated by taking the day off from work and not doing much of anything. In fact, I endedup taking two seperate 1 hour naps which is pretty atypical of me. On Saturday I turned 30. I took it easy then as well, got some bar-b-q for my celebratory lunch with some bluberry pie. Today, more relaxing, a bit of chores and that was it.

Tomorrow begins a new week and a new, different period of time. With my new found free time I have one major goal in mind. Shed some of these pounds I gained while eating three meals a day away from home. I haven’t weighed myself in a while but I’m guessing 255. I’ll check tomorrow. I’m returning to Monday morning weigh ins. I’ll be eating a more normal and largely home cooked diet which is nice.

For activities, Laura and I will try to get to the Chrome and Fern 2-3 days a week and my desire it to get in a light, higher rep kettlebell workout at home on those same 3 days (if we don’t get to Chrome and Fern on Saturday I’ll jog or do a video). On the off days I’m going to try and do some yoga or z-health for about 30 minutes. Friday will be my only totally off day.

dunno where my student ID is

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None the less I got in for a couple workouts last week, about 50 clean and jerks with 135 on Tuesday and about 50 front squats with 195 on Wednesday. Some other stuff too but that was the major movement.

16K snatch 5 X 10/10
24K Front squat 5 X 10
Staggered push up 10/10
Supine bicycle 25/25
24K Clean and Jerk 3 X 10/10
16K Tactical Lunge 5 X 10
Dive Bomber 20

This wasn’t a quick workout nor was it meant to be. It took about 40 minutes.

Next week is my last week of the summer semester, finals. I’m glad it’s here, it’s been a busy several weeks. My diet has been awful. Being away from home for that many hours a day tend to give me the opportunity to eat at restraurants. That’s not inherently bad but I have the standard  urges to eat too much when I do. The first 3 weeks I was well behaved, the next three weeks I slowly slid into way to much food. The last week or so I’ve slowly stabalized back toward the middle ground, still too much but not as excessive. I imagine if it went on long enough I would go back and forth until I reached a happy place although it would probably be a bit too much, as if often the way with restaurant food.

I look forward to cooking all my meals again. I look forward to spending time with Laura and Bernedette. I look forward to training at home on a regular basis. I’ve nearly made it and my efforts are yielding good fruit, a couple decent grade and two more classes towards graduation.

two weeks

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Busy week this week, next week if finals.

Yesterday I did
2:00 on and 30 seconds rest of
Snatch Left
Cossack Stretch
Snatch Right
SOTS press
Punch Matrix
Snatch Left
Overhead Squat
Snatch Right
Supine Bicycle/ Side Planck

I found this great new online timer. I think I may tinker with the code a bit and use it even more:

Plans for this week:

Workout Sunday
Off Monday
Kettlebells Tuesday
Barbells Wednesday
Off Thursday
Off Friday

I have an exam on Thursday and I’m planning on doing about the same thing I did last time, home for a short nap, walk the dog a bit, grab food and then go take the test.

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ace the test

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I’m sorry, I have to brag. 94%, m nearest competitors were in the 0s. go me.
Super Secret Test Taking Workout, or the SSTTW as I call it, got me there too I’ll tell it to you for a mere $999.99.
Not guaranteed to work, this offer is invalid in all states, no contract is implied nor given.

Round 1
30 minute nap
Round 2
Large meal but not large enough to make you feel sluggish
Round 3
a moderate dose of caffiene

anyway, today was100 reps with 32k clean and jerk