Anvil or Hammer


For every job, there is a tool.

Free Weights
This is the primary tool of my arsenal. These are the larget, heavy discs attached to a bar. Typically lifted by the bar, but you knew that.

Thick Handles
A nice touch on a classic. It’s the same as above but the part you hold has a larger diameter. I currently own two 2″ thick dumbells and two 3″ thick dumbells. If you don’t get the point, lift a 45 dumbell they way you usually would. Then lift on by holding the end of it rather than the handle.

The Soviet Secret of the Ages. These seem to have made a couple immigrations to the US but have had a hard time sticking. Maybe they are finally here to stay. Either way, I like them. There are a lot of different ideas as to how to best use these. For me, strength training is done with other tools, these things have their own kind of training. It begins with the swing and builds all the way to juggling (not like in the circus).

Even more original than the original, sandbags have been making their way into my programs. It’s one thing to clean and jerk 200 pounds on a bar, try it with a bag of sand and it’s not even the same exercise.

Indian Clubs
The sleeping giant, I have just begun to use these. I’m intrigued to see where they take me. At one time these were popular in India, Europe and the east coast. They seem to have all but died out in the last century but are having a very small revival. Most of the Americans using them are pushing them as recover tools and keeping the weights low, one or two pounds each. There is another region of these that is being ignored for the most part. Powerful practicioners who used 20lb, 30lb and more. Neither it right, neither is wrong. They are both parts of the whole.

Sledge Hammer
Maker of men, I probably have an unhealthy fascination with these. I recall working with my dad or occasionally doing a job on my grandfather’s farm with a sledge, ax or hatchet. They were so brutal, more to my own body than whatever I aimed them at. Few American icons are more inspiring, to me, than John Henry.

Yoga/Z Health
The latest addition to my armory. I have found Yoga to have amazing properties of recovery as well as building pieces of strength that are simply not addressed in the weightroom. Z health takes the recovery aspect a step further to preventive maintainance.

“It’s a toolbox, you use the correct tool for the job at hand” – Robert DeNiro, Ronin

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