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Strong man

Posted in Strongman by Mike on October 23, 2006

Headed over to Luke’s for a little strongman training yesterday.

log deadlifts – worked on Lukes wooden log that runs, I believe it was, 150ish, something like 8 or 10 inches. Added a pair of 25s after some warm ups. I worked a little dealift and clean and press. Then it was on to play with the 240lb 14″ steel log he has. That thing is daunting to say the least. Deadlifted it and attempted to clean it several times, somewhere between 5 and 10. I could only pull it as high at the top of my stomch/bottom of my breast bone. No chance of a full clean, never mind the press.

Stones – rolled out the 245 lb stone. I was expecting to see some cross over from sandbags. Honestly, any crossover was limited.  More than anything, I haven’t touched stones in a while and I forgot how to do it. They are very technique intensive in my opinion. After a bit of playing and mucking around, I got it up. I found that once it was in my lap, I was very comfortable. The clean was difficult but I got it to about head height. I played with that stone for a while longer and got about 4 lifts in. I went on to Luke’s next stone, 265, I think. I almost got it to my lap a couple times but never quite made it.

Log Deadlift- we went back to log deadlifts but my back was getting tired and I was totally unable to keep up with Luke here.

Steinborn lift – Luke’s been working the steinborn lift. I saw him move some very nice weights in this lift. I haven’t really worked before so we stripped the bar down to 135 and I worked on the technique. By the end I was getting the feel a bit.  Although I found I was cheating a lot. If I ever put real weight on there I won’t be able to get away with some of what I was doing. For me, it’s as much of a flexability exercise as anything.

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Living stronger

Posted in Strongman by Mike on October 1, 2006

Went and trained strongman with Luke today. I was really happy with the way it went. Luke pointed out that my numbers are frequently inaccurate or wrong, so we wrote them down.

Yoke Walk: 630, 30-40ish feet
Yoke Lock Out: 750
Farmer Walk: 246/arm, not really pushing it,working thehand placement
Front Carry:470
Bottom up squat: 245 (I think, kinda scribbled it on the sheet)
I’ll try to keep writing them down for clarity and accuray’s sake.

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Posted in Strongman by Mike on September 4, 2006

Got a great session in with Luke yesterday. I was a bit more of achatty cathy than usual so I probably drug it out longer than neccessary, but it was good. Got a yoke walk up in the 550s. Luke managed it all in one go while I had to set it down twice. The first time I was just not set, the second time I literally tripped myself. I had gotten a bit wobbley and was crossing my feet over one another and managed to catch my toe on my ankle. I was pretty smoked by then, for that walk, anyway, I rested a minute or probably two and finished it. I did a couple lockouts but didn’t want to get to crazy as I felt like I might have tweaked my back during one of the walks. Luke took it up to, I believe, the 900lb range, which is unbelievable for a 200 lb guy. Pound for pound I was have to be locking out something like 1200lbs to compete with that. I got a variety of farmers walks in which concluded with a decent 20 – 30 ft walk of 256  (I think that’s right 2X100lb plate 55lb bar and heavish collars) per arm. Then we did a few front carries, I believe the last one was 320ish, (45 X 4 and 140 lb apparatus).

A great day, left me tired and a tad sore. I had to clear out my snadbags from my car today so we could g look at furniture and that seems to have done wonders to refresh the back and lose the soreness. A little blood flow goes a long ways. I should probably do some yoga today and I have neglected it horribly and it has great restorative effects for me.

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Posted in Strongman by Mike on August 20, 2006

Yoga this morning.

Strongman this after noon, tennis after


135 roughly 15 yards and back
206 15yrd, drop, back
28X(something over 280 but within 10 lbs) returned 15yrds, six drops. Rolled it on my foot once. Seems to be ok.

1, rest, 1, rest, 2, rest, 3, rest, 4, rest

did some other axle deadlifts and bottom up squat, just screwing around, helped push Dan’s truck a bit.

Tomorrow, dunno, depends on the foot. I was considering climbing, may just take it off. Hoping to kettlebell with Dan again on Wednesday.

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