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Posted in Gym Strength,Kettlebells,Rest and Recovery by Mike on March 15, 2008

Friday night at Dumbarton

3:00 jump rope

Back Squat
60K 5
100K 5
140K 3
160K 1
180K 1
185K 1
140K 3, 4, 5, 4, 3
This took 45 minutes
Roughly translated, 185K = 400lbs and that was my goal for this workout. It went very easy. I was  squatting from the Jerk stands on account of folks doing a kind of ring pushup in the squat rack. Stepping out of the blocks the 400lb felt like every bit of their weight. I went down easily and came right back out of it without much effort. I had a spotter and I asked him how much help he gave and he said none. I asked him if I got my depth and he said yeah. I guess I have to take him at his word. So I’m glad to have hit my mark for the week. Now it’s time to move to some reps with that kind of weight.

Trap Bar Deadlift (Generously assumes a 45lb bar)
225 5
315 5
405 3 X 3
1 hour has passed
Moday I will do some front squat as my main exercise but next Friday and the following Monday I will emphasize the deadlift. For the time this was kind of a token exercise or an accessory exercise depending on how you look at it.

Good Morning 60K 3 X 10

Jump Rope 3:00

Standing Press
60K 5
80K 3, 3, 2, 0, 1
90 minutes have passed
This lift made me a little nervous going in but I didn’t have any trouble with that last bit of hip tweak I am fighting. So expect to see more of these in the coming weeks.

Leg Raises 3 X 10
I’m trying to do them slower each time, I still can’t pause at the top. I also do this with slightly bent knees. Official it’s because of flexibility but strength could play a roll too.

Slightly Elevated Situps – 40lbs on chest 3 X 10
2 hours

Today, Saturday
16K kettlbell juggling 10:00
Yesterday was beautiful and I kept saying, “If it doesn’t rain, I have to go outside and do something to enjoy it.” Unfortunately it was supposed to rain so I all but gave up on it. It didn’t rain so I thought I might make good on it. I loaded up my tire and kettlebell and headed to the park. I got there and found it packed. Tire was out, there just was no room to do it. So I got my bell out and took my station. I started the stop watch and sent my wife around the park once with the dog. When she got back I put the bell away. It was something like11ish minutes by my watch but I’m just gonna call it 10. In hind site, it is probably better that I didn’t do tire. I just wanted to get the blood flowing, not get a real workout in.



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The hip is coming along well. I’m still protecting it a bit but I don’t feel anything in any “normal” range of motion. I still feel it when I try to lay down on the bench, I’m still a little afraid to press overhead.

Friday Evening
For some odd reason I came into the gym with my left calf very tight. I couldn’t begin to tell you why. a little jumping of rope only made it worse, again, no idea why. I decided to do a lift that involved no calf work at all or very little.

Deadlift – all double overhand
135 X 5
225 X 5
315 X 5
405 X 1
I’m still uncomfortable with the idea of mixed grip until I sort this hip out a bit more.405 is right at the top of my grip’s range for a double overhand pull. Some days I can, some days I can’t. I had to cheat a bit and hook this one. Hurt like the dickens.

Well, that was about all the excitement I could handle. The weather sucked the gym had actually been locked up long before I got there, I just happened to catch someone going out the door on my way in. so I went and pansied about for about half an hour.

20lb dumbell
Chest Flies X 15
Back Flies X 15
Side Raise X 10
Lat Pull down – wide grip 80lbs X 12

three sets, slow, full range of motion.

Saturday was exciting, no training but exciting. I got my latest attempt at getting my body more into sorts, M2: Magnificent Mobility. I’ve gone through most of it. There is some stuff that is pretty irrelevant but some that is very relevant. They encourage you to figure out what you need to do, which is cool.


Not so terribly long ago, I was a very silly person and left my MP3 player in my shorts pocket, they got washed and so did it. The MP3 player didn’t survive the experience. I was considering getting a new one anyway, I’ve had it since we lived in Greeley and it was starting to wear out. I had replaced my wife’s already, which I bought shortly after mine. The time was right and I went on a MP3 player hunt.

My wife has an Apple iPod Shuffle and loves it, a lot. I’ve got one major complaint with them and that is a lack of playlists. So I was in the market for a reasonably priced MP3 player like a shuffle but with that capability. I’ve bought a variety of products from Sandisk over the years and knew they had a line of MP3 players out there. It turned out they had the one for me. I bought a Sandisk Clip. (the official site seems to be down at the moment)

Unrelated to anything
Today Laura got a gym membership to a local “express” gym. I think it will be a much better fit for her than the gyms I go to and I am happy for her.

Laura also stumbled upon a blog that had a wonderful post and an even better quote:

“There’s no such thing as gravity.  The earth sucks.”

That’s why they call it DELAYED onset

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on February 14, 2008

I felt great on Tuesday, I was shocked, I didn’t think I would be able to move after that high volume junk on Monday. I mean, I had a touch of soreness but nothing even worth noting. Then it hit on Wednesday and not where I expected either, hamstrings and triceps only. It’s much better today. The tricep soreness is gone, the hamstrings still have a touch but they are more tight than sore. I’ve been stretching and I will keep doing it, so it’s not bad.

I did not work out last evening. It just wasn’t in the cards. I may see if I can get together fifteen minutes tonight and do one of the weird circuits I have been favoring for my midweek stuff. Of course tomorrow is the big one for the week.

My bodyweight this morning was 230.8, before the scale settled into it’s groove I saw 229 flash by a couple times. That got me all excited. I just did a quick look and my record since starting this and since basic training in ’99 is 229.2. I wonder if I can push past that finally.

Still here

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on December 29, 2007

I haven’t quit or anything. I am just taking some time off to show my family around the city,

I’ll be back at it before long. Check back in after the 4th of january.

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Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on December 21, 2007

Well, I haven’t been working out, at all. I’m not very good at getting in and doing my thing unless I’m going all the way. It just seems like such a waste of effort to go to the gym, go half speed for 30 minutes and go home. I’d rather jog with the dog or something. So that is what I have been doing when I have done anything. I have kept my diet pretty strong, my weight hasn’t really moved since Monday, up or down. I figure that is a-ok.

I’m thinking about going hard tonight at the gym. I feel good, I feel tuned and rested and wouldn’t mind putting in some effort. I know, I have no patience. I figure I have a week of few commitments from now until next Friday. A few hard workouts could be a lot of fun: One in the weightroom, one on the rower and one with kettlebell. Sounds like a treat.

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Hurt so good

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on December 16, 2007

I took a crack at Power Yoga, the Bian Kest one, today. Yep, waaaay above my level. Halfway through I was just hanging out waiting for something I could do. So I’m ordering the the Beryl Bender Birch version right now.

Home made is better

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 15, 2007

No training today. I had to give a talk on our email system and didn’t get out until way late.

I took advantage of the opportunity to put together some stuff I got at the hardware store recently: Poor man rings and 1 lb Indian Clubs.

Getting it back together again

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 8, 2007

Tuesday was a light row. 5,000 meters at roughly 2:30 pace. No heart rate info

Wednesday I saw a physical therapist. I didn’t learn of any ailments of imbalances or anything that I wasn’t aware of. The short version of his diagnosis it that I have tight muscles and need to put a stretching program in place. I have to admit that stretching is one of those things that we all hear we are supposed to do but I don’t and I don’t think most folks do. The reason is fairly simple, most of the stretches we were taught to do as kids are totally ineffective and we know it. What’s more, no one seems to give any really solid info on what to stretch, how and when. It’s possibly worse than the information we get regarding nutrition.

The PT gave me about 5 stretches. I pressed him for details on when to stretch, at first he was pretty reticent. Falling back to the usual, the best time to stretch is whenever you will do it. I finally got him to say that it would be best if I did them early in the day if I don’t train and to try and do them early and late if I do train. So, for now, I’m trying to do it twice a day. It takes about fifteen minutes per session. I got up fifteen minutes early this morning and did my stretches and I’ll do them again tonight. As I add to my repertoire I will probably only do the full set at night or I’ll even have one set for the morning and one for the evening. I don’t think I could reasonably manage more than two 30 minute sessions, if it comes to that.

Beyond that, he checked general mobility stuff. Moved my limbs around to make sure they work, watched me walk, the usual. I think he had trouble understanding exactly what I do in the gym or what I am going for. Oddly, he seems to not like the idea of overhead lifting. I’m sure we’ll get more into that in later sessions. I’m interested to learn more there, however, I don’t think overhead lifting will be going away in the near future.

He wants me to come once a week for a month to get up to speed then it should settle into a more mellow rate. Next session, I think he is gonna teach me how to use a foam roller properly. I’m really looking forward to that. He says I have to get a full length one rather than the half roller I have, which is fine. He is also talking about actually watching me on a few lifts and trying to make my technique more appropriate, from a body mechanics perspective. I’m all for that, although looking around the facilities, a field trip may be required.

Tonight, I intend to row although I can’t say exactly what I intend to do with it. I’m thinking I’ll still keep it fairly moderate.

Monday Morning Weigh in: 233.4

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 5, 2007

Up, just like I said. I’m not sweating it this week. I’d like the get that last bit of this discomfort to go away. I think I stopped treating it too soon. I’ll try another round or of hot/cold tonight. I don’t think I’m doing anything tonight, training-wise. I’ll try to do a hear rate row tomorrow. Wednesday is PT.


Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 4, 2007

My back is feeling a whole lot better. I used several rounds of ice and heat each morning and night since. The only thing that remains sore is more of my side. I assume that the injury was a muscle pull to either my oblique or some deep muscle that attaches at the top of the hip and leg. I know there are quite a few of those and they are hard to get at. I haven’t drug out my A&P books to decide. When I visit the PT on Wednesday, obviously, I’ll mention this along with the 3 other specific things I want to talk to him about. I’m hoping he’ll have some ideas and maybe put me throughsome mobility tests and find some things I may not even be aware of.

I haven’t done anything “training-wise” since Friday night. I debated some light rowing today but I”m just not sure I want to do it. I’ll get some light stuff in on Monday and maybe a little on Tuesday. Wednesday is PT, Thursday is regualr training, Friday I will probably not go heavy and just do a pumper routine.

I’m gonna run heavy tomorrow. Some of that is due to the lack of activity but some is due to me choosing to eat more, hoping it will help with the muscle healing.

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