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Like month old milk

Posted in Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on November 21, 2007

I was just plain off

First, no music. But I’m willing to go beyond that. In fact, I train well in silence.  What I don’t train well in is an unholy mix of ESPN commentary and hip hop.

Concept II – Vent open
1,000 meters warmup
2,000 meters 2:05

I just quit. I couldn’t focus, my lower back has been feeling way off lately and listening to that crap was really messing with my ability to get any rhythm going .

Squat 300lbs 5 X 5
Chins 4 X 5 + 3 + 2
Overhead Press 155 3 X 5 + 3 + 2
Barbell row 155 5 X 5




Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on November 18, 2007

Heart Rate Row – Vent open
45:00 9,900 meters

315 1,1,1,1

Heavy Bag
30 seconds on, 30 seconds 0ff X 10

Down and back on a basketball court, 30 seconds to sprint and rest, repeat X 5

I had planned on hitting 300lbs on the squat for reps, 10 or 12. I just couldn’t each rep felt weak and dangerous. I’m not in the business of getting myself hurt so I called it quits. I was gonna do some kind of upper body workout but just holding the weights made my hands hurt. I decided I just couldn’t muster the drive. That’s when I opted for the bag work. I’ve got holes in my palms, I may as well add some to the backs of my hands, so I did.

This week, the hands need to heal.

Further than before…

Posted in Concept II,Dinsoaur Style by Mike on November 14, 2007

…but not quite all the way

I thought I might take a crack at 100 clean and jerks with a 100lb sand bag. I did good but couldn’t go the distance, exhaustion and abuse set in after a while.

10 reps – 1:27
10 reps – 2:17
10 reps – 2:24
10 reps – 2:59
10 reps – 4:30
rest – 3:16
5 reps – 1:43

I tried to use 160 bpm as my marker that it was time to start another set. The rest after set five was me going to 100 bpm. For once I had a chair with a back to sit in. The best recovery I have ever had. It still didn’t prepare me to go around again.

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Continuing a good thing

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on November 11, 2007

Workout, post recovery, number two w00t.
Concept II – Vent open (for a change)
1,000 meters warmup
5,000 meters 2:00
1,000 meters cooldown

Time 19:56
Avg HR 173
Max HR 181

Time to recover:
0:00 161
1:00 130
2:00 115
3:00 113
4:00 108
5:00 108

Standing Press 155
pullup – 50lbs
5 X 3

DB Press
DB Row
80lbs 5 X 5

BB Curl
BB Tricep Press
95 lbs 5 X 5

24K Long Cycle Rest Holds 30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off 3 sets

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The calm

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on November 1, 2007

Concept II
10,120 meters
Time: 45:00
Avg HR: 153
Max HR: 158

Kettlebell holds with one 24K kettlebell
Left Rack 1 minute
Right Rack 1 minute
Left Overhead 1 minute
Right Overhead 1 minute
Rest 1 minute
Repeat once

that is a humbling experience.

Dan has informed me he has plans for tomorrow at the gym.

Reverse bent 7″ 3/16 CRS
Reverse bent 6″ 3/16 CRS
Reverse bent Shiny Timber Tie
Reverse Bent Dull Timber Tie

I’m hoping I misunderstood Chris and Nick over at farmstrength. When you say 40 degrees, I’m hoping you mean 40 degrees away from staight not 40 degree between the two ends touching. Cause I can do the former but not the latter.

Just one of those days

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on October 30, 2007

…where you just need a workout. So I left work a half hour early and got me one. It wasn’t one of my best but it did what I needed it to do, so I’m glad for that.

Concept II
1,000 meters warmup
5,000 meters intervals
1,000 meters cooldown

For the intervals I sprinted 100 meters out of every 500, my distance didn’t start to count until I go under 1:50. During my coast I stayed below 2:15.

Time 20:56
Initial HR 114
Avg HR 163
Max HR 174

Heart Rate Recovery
Start 159
1 minute 124
2 minutes 112
3 minutes 108
4 minutes 106
5 minutes 102

I decided to try a ” fa’ rilz” Secrect Service Snatch Test. I was aiming high too. I was thinking minimum 35/35 with an unatainable ideal of 50/50. For this test, one had switch and no set downs.
I was annoyed. Actually, I would have been stopped at the first 23 cause number 24 came out of my hand at the bottom. I went to far, I was trying for 25 then some rest then see how far I could go. The 23 on the right side was just pure discomfort and “I don’t wanna” setting in. I keep saying that resting with kettlebells is hard and it is. I think I’m gonna start doing rests for time. It sounds dumb but I think it’s important.

I decided to follow up with some jerks, thinking I might earn back some of my wounded pride. Not so, it was even more disappointing. I didn’t give myself any rest and it showed.

I’d just like to point out that for the lowest possible ranking in the American Kettlebell Club, my three numbers (left snatch, right snatches and jerks) have to add up to 199. My number is 56. Ouch.

Avg HR 171
Max HR 177

Another ouch. I have a lot of work to do with kettlebells.

24K kettlbell snatches 3 X 10
24K kettlbell jerks 3 X 10
I had to make up for my poor performances

Pullups 4 X 4 (a little kicking on the last two sets)

Burpees 3 X 10

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Pump up the volume

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Grip,Kettlebells by Mike on October 28, 2007

A little volume this weekend.

Saturday, it was raining too much to play tennis. I probably should have done some yoga but didn’t. I did do some bending though. A couple 3/16″ “nails” and 9 timber ties, mostly DO. I made a video and posted it to gripboard, hoping some folks will take pity on my sad techinque. I’ll take whatever anyone has to say here as well:

Today I hit to gym.
Concept II Vent Closed HR Row
10,120 meters in 45 minutes
Avg HR 155
Max HR 163
I had trouble staying focused. They had the TVs on. I’ve resisted saying to before but I’ll say it now. If you watch TV while you workout, unless you have specifically programmed the content, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Frankly, I don’t give a crap about Will, Grace, Jack or Karen and yet I found my eyes drawn to their anctics. That means I’m not watching my pace or my heart rate and I’m not thinking about my form. I end up doing a lot of rowing with my eyes closed, trying to ignore them.

Long Cycles 24K – I have some video but I haven’t uploaded it nor even seen it yet.
1 minute periods, each period is broken into two even parts, requiring that I rest in the rack in the middle, because I am learning that learning to rest properly is one of the hardest parts of kettlebells. 5 Sets at a given number of reps, one 1 minute period per set, then a minute of rest.
That means I did (8 X 5) 40, (6 x 5) 30, (4 X 5) 20, (2 X 5) 10
40 + 30 + 20 + 10 = 100 reps in 25 minutes. ouch

I’m sure all the videos lately have been excessive but I kinda like having the record. Plus they are fun to play with. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon.


Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on October 23, 2007

Pretty much the opposite of a heart rate row:

1,000 meters warmup

1,000 meters 2:00/500
10 2 X 24K kettlbell jerks
Repeat a total of 6 times

Time: 33:19
Avg Hr 168
Max Hr 179

I was trying to go for 10 sets but I could not get myself to pick up the handle and start rowing for the seventh set, I couldn’t even convince myself to do 1,000 meter cooldown. Half an hour later, I felt as good as new, I’m not sure what is up with that.

I’m having trouble getting back into the diet this week but I am persevering.

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Posted in Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on October 21, 2007

Concept II
1,000 warmup
5,000 2:00
1,000 cooldown

Time 19:40
Avg HR 173
Max HR 181

Long Cycle – 24K
7 + 5, 7, 7, 7, 7

Time: 8:12
Avg HR: 167
Max HR: 179

The long cycle was an interesting education opportunity for me. I haven’t really done these before. The weight is easy, it’s the aerobics that are hard. When I hit my 225, I think I’m going to reduce the amount of rowing but take advantage of the pairs of kettlebells at the gym and work the long cycle. At some point I have to move up to 32K, that should bring the strength aspect more into play.

On my way to the gym I drove past a tire. Then I backed up to the tire. Then I threw it in the back. It looks like it belongs on one of the dump trucks that run around this area a lot. It’s probably three feet or more in diameter. It’s a little deeper than a regular car tire but it appears to be blown out on one side and very sturdy on the other. It’s large enough to be a challenge to store but it’s gonna be fun to play with.


Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on October 18, 2007

It’s been a nice light week for me. I kept it going with a heart rate row.  With the last thousand meters I came up against my heart rate limit of 160 bpm. I decided to push on through 10,000 in 45:00 so I went over my limit.

10,000 meters
Avg HR 153
Max HR 166

Tomorrow I’ll try to get serious at the gym. Speaking of serious.

Need I say more? 🙂

Glad everyone is enjoying them. I know I am. I’ll try to hook up some sweatshirts or something in the next couple weeks.

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