Anvil or Hammer


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heavy bag
3 X 3:00 on/ 1:00 off

Monthly Challenge
16K kettlebell X 2
ladder 10 -> 1

Thread the Needle 35/35
V-up 78
Lunge with press 16K 35/35
Clean 32K 60
Double Windmill 16K X 2 16K 35/35

handstand walkout with rings on feet

This was a really cool but exhausting workout. I really enjoyed how it felt, even though I had that moment before the genuine workout where I wanted to quit. I hit some Go Juice (hot milk, 2 scoops of quick, 1 scoop of instant coffee) and made it through

This took about 2 hours. I will sleep well tonight.

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working out with the RKC

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Muscle up transition 15
Alternating staggered push ups 10/10
Mountain climber 30/30
Barbell high pull 60K 10
4 sets
20 minutes (goal was 15)

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long workout

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Warmup heavy bag 3:00 work 1:00 rest

Train 10:00 work / 2: rest

Thread the Needle – > Push Up 26/26

Alt V situp 55/55

Lunge with Rotating Press 16K 35/35

Sumo One Arm Deadlift 40K 65/65

Double Windmill 16K X 2 35/35

Prep for tomorrow’s circuit with Vern (1:00 work to figure out reps for tomorrow)

Muscle Up Transitions 15

Alternating Pushup 10/10

Mountain Climber 30/30

Barbell Highpull 40K 10

This whole thing took 90 minutes

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