Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 25, 2012

some soreness from yesterday but not bad at all. Dog woke us up way early and I couldn’t get back to sleep so lots of general malaise today. Workout was meant to be therapeutic and I think it was.


Burpee 69

Halo 16K 90/90

Thread the Needle 41/41


Been dieting the past week and it seems to be working. Diet has been pretty general, limit volume – that’s it. So, where I used to take a tupperware of soup, or whatever, then eat copious amounts of nuts or buy a sandwich or etc when I was hungry or bored or tired or just walking around; I’m now trying to take what I will eat and eat only what I take. This means I spend an hour or so being hungry before lunch and the same right before coming home. I have allowed myself a snack when I get home but I need to monitor that even more closely.

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