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Go Juice

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 26, 2012

warm up 3 min on/1 min off

jump rope

muscle up transitions (on feet)

juggle 16k

train 10 min on/2 min off

Thread the Needle -> Situp 25/25

Alt V-up 47/47

Lunge -> Open Press 16k 30/30

Alt 1 arm deadlift (sumo) 40k 50/50,

double windmill 16k X 2 18/18


Felt my enthusiasm wane during V ups. I really wanted to get through this and I’ve been hearing  about how good chocolate milk is for you when you’re training so I ran in, poured a glass of milk, dumped in some quik and instant coffee and got back to business. I suspect a placebo effect but I felt better and had no trouble driving through.



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