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First logged workout in a while

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 11, 2012
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Went outside at about 5:40
Spent about 20 minutes doing some work on the heavy bag, take a few minutes out to jump rope. I was surprised how easily it came to me. I recall struggling to just get a minute done in the past.

Lots of hitting, tried to get some left leg action in there. I am demonstrably slower and weaker on that side.

I then had grand plans to do a full workout to follow. 20 minutes in I was running out of steam and time. I called it. Today’s lesson, plan your workouts to account for your window of time. On nights when I have to cook dinner, especially with extra prep time, a shorter workout is called for.

1 arm deadlift 40 Kilos 81/81 (use heavier in the future)
X ups 80

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