Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 27, 2012

snatch16K 197
Doing high rep low weight snatches, found my form broke down at about the same point. Between 16 and 24K there is almost no difference in my rep range. 16K is easier but clearly I’m going to need to clean up my reps and get over the hand tear issue in the mid to high 100’s to progress.

wall bridge 10
way more difficult than expected, had my feet really close to the wall (relatively) so I either needed a wide stance or to go up on my toes.
video demo:

scorpion pushup 46
always a tough one, I think I felt the effects of the wall bridge on this too.

hanging leg raise 44
I’ve always been bad at these. If I was doing them right I’d be taking my feet to my hands, as it is I just bring them to eye level.

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