Anvil or Hammer

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 30, 2012

Felt a little stiff and slow this morning but not too bad. I’m actually feeling a tweak I put in my back on Saturday more. When I was using my hip to move a file cabinet into the corner of the moving truck I felt that familiar feeling of vertebrae crushing the disc a little and thus the nerve aggravation. Nothing serious but I could really see the weakness on my left side when I videoed myself doing Thread the Needle for this workout. Also my range of motion was noticeably poor.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so if there is no trail watch I may just do mobility work.
Double Turkish Getup 16K 7/6
Never done these before. Wow do I have some technique to work on, sloppy, missed my last one for rushing it
Video of some dude doing them right with twice the weight:

double kettlebell snatch -> press 16K
video of chick who does swing->snatch->press->press

Thread the Needle
I did a handful of these 15 per side or so. The weakness in my hip made me more unstable than usual.
No video found, I’ll make one.

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