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Workout 23, Episode The Deuce

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 5, 2012

Got in two gym workouts this week but, alas, this is my first Kurt workout in a week. The gym workouts are not recorded (although I’m going to work on that in the future). They, again, adhered to Kurt’s principles of feedback. I can tell you that the second one included some heavy TGU’s and some 305 DL singles for about 20 reps.

Burpee Dbl Clean 16K X 2 42
Back Bridge 14 – these were doing great for me then I hit a wall where I started losing ROM and couldn’t seem to recover it so I called these at that point.
TGU 12K 13/13 – checked ROM every 4/4 and it improved remarkably
Weighted Windmill 16K X 2 15/15 – checked ROM each 2/2. These seem to do me a ton of good but they still freak me out just a little.
Snatches 24 K 15 R -15 off – 15 L – 15 off – set my goal at 8/8 for as many as I could (no idea what that might look like)
8/8 X 8
7/8 X 1
7/7 X 5
Honestly, I gave myself the benefit of the doubt on the last couple 8/8’s as to whether I got the 8th in time. Some of those may not be totally legit. I’m kinda shocked I finished the 7/7’s, just wanted to quit but it almost felt better to be snatching than resting, less painful.

In other news, we keep trying to plan to get into Kurt’s open gym but it’s not come together yet and won’t next weekend either. Unrelated, ordered a fitbit and a fitbit scale today. I had preordered a fitbit before they were a thing but it took so damn long for them to go into production that I withdrew my order.

Workout plan for this week
Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Off, family time
Wednesday: home
Friday: home
Saturday: off

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