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Workout 23 Episode 1 – finally

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 29, 2012

Finally I do the whole thing
Dbl Clean Burpee 16K X 2 44
went well, good ROM gains
Back Bridge 6 reps – did 5 and tested and had lost significant ROM. I worked out the kinks and went back for another one and again lost ROM. Did some testing of mountain climber type motion and found that worked better. Didn’t get a significant number of those done. Gonna have to keep and eye on these
TGU 12K 11/12 – check ROM at 2/2,5/5 and 10/10, showed good improvement, top of top of foot to middle of top of foot range
Weighted windmill 16K X 2 18/18 – great ROM, mid of top of foot, bottom of top of foot.
Snatches 24K 15L/15off/15R/15off
6/7 X 1, 7/7 X 9

In other news, last thursday I visited our chrome and fern right after work. It was supposed to be a cardio day but I felt like screwing around on the weights. I don’t know what all I did but it was fun. There were clean & jerks, squats, deads, double dumbell clean burpees and some other stuff. I followed the biofeedback principles Kurt has been teaching me and I think it was a great workout. A break from the more dogmatic approach I’ve been using for the past year. I plan on doing some freestylin’ tomorrow too.

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