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That were crap

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 25, 2012

Got into Kurts on Saturday. Bodyweight continues to rise. I’ve done a shit job of monitoring my intake. I’ve just sucked. There’s so much food available at work and I end up caving daily.
Good news, he’s got ope gym most Saturdays now so I’m gonna try and make some of those.

Got in a half workout on Sunday, after TGUs my ROM just plumeted
Monday I had the most vicious DOMS I’ve seen in a while, and limited to my biceps no less. I have no idea what that is all about. My left arm was virtually locked at a right angle.
Tuesda was more of the same
Today I tried to start a workout. I did weighted windmills because I’ve not done those yet. They went great, my ROM got dramatically better. Towards the end my right hip started to be an issue but on the last few. Then I couldn’t find a second exercise to help my ROM after that.

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