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sub par

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 19, 2012

interesting that we use sub par to denote bad when being “sub par” in golf would be good.

Been having trouble with diet and exercise again this week, I’m just bad at winter maybe. So I’m doing a couple different things. First, I’m renegotiating my workout time. 8 pm just was not doing it for me. All I could come up with was 4 am which was even less desirable. I spoke with Laura about it. She tentatively suggested 4 pm. That seem quite amenable but prone to a couple issues. We’re still discussing.

Went to the gym on Tuesday and rand 2.5 miles at a 6 mph pace. Wanted to do some squats but a guy was doing shrugs with the only Oly bar.

Started on workout 22 but ran into a couple issues that have convinced me to call it a night
Burpee – double clean 16K 42
Back Arch – no count, playing with duration versus reps. I found that going through the ROM is more beneficial than holding the pose.
TGU 12K – 10/10 This is supposed to be lighter and for speed. I’m not sure I quite hit the for speed but it’s something to work on.
Weighted Windmill 16K – no count. I tried this with kettlebells but they were really hurting the ROM of the exercise as the lower bell cuts a good foot off of how low I can dip with it. Gonna ask Kurt on Saturday

Snatch 24K – no count, even though windmills failed, I was going to do these. It’s supposed to be 15 on, 15 off, alternate hands. So I’d have 10 total sets. My usual online timer if failing me, hard. So I decided that was it. I’m done for tonight. I’ll come up with an alternate solution for the future. One is to set my gym boss for this rotation and use my computer for other timing but in the past, when the monitor goes to sleep it breaks the timer. Another is to get a second gym boss but that seems silly. The third, and most likely, is that I’ll bring my sports watch down here for timing.

In other news. The soles of my five fingers are ripping out so I have to replace them. Also, assuming I don’t wuss out on account of weather, I have an orienteering race Sunday.

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