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Workout 22 Episode 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 8, 2012

Got in a workout on Friday

Barbell squat 225 X 10

Run 6.0 mph 15 min

Walk 3.5 mph 10 min

It was less than I had hoped on all fronts. The squat was drastically reduced from what I had expected. I realized long after that the biomechanics of my squat have changed so much that it’s not reasonable to compare it to previous efforts. Where before I was doing a power squat, all posterior chain and low on the back, this was an olypmic or traditional squat. The bar sat high and it was my quads doing the labor. That makes me interested to play with this some more.

The run was less than expected/desired due to having eaten too much for dinner and getting some wicked stitches. Live and Learn



TtN 53/53

Spiderman Climber 85/85

1 arm swing 24K 90/90

rows 24K 65/65

seated tucks 122

TGU->Windmill 24K 7/7

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