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workout 22 episode 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 5, 2012

TtN 51/51

Spidey Climbey 84/84

1 arm swing 24K 90/90

rows 24K 55/55

seated tucks 123

Man, this one was a little grueling. TtN was awesome as always. I fared better in climbs than last time on account of not messing around on the rings before hand (or that’s my theory anyway). I did get some of that fascia tension in the right hand. I was able to massage the arch of my left foot through my show with the corner of a hex head dumbell and it got better. Swings were low, I think, because I pushed further into anaerobic territory and it took longer to recover. ┬áLast time I did ladders down from 25, this time I did three sets of 25. It was harder, despite lower digits. Rows became tedious. I need to figure out a happy medium here. Seated tucks were decent.

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