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Workout 22 Episode 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 3, 2012

Thread the Needle 46/46

Spiderman Climber 76/76

1 arm swing 24k 93/100

row 16K 102/102

seated tucks 105


Felt the spiderman climbs in the muscles under my left scapula. I assume this is from stabalizing my body when raising my left leg but I was surprised to feel it so much there. I didn’t have the back tightness this time though which was nice.

I’m logging my food on fitbit again. It’s annoying but it helps keep me honest so I’ll use it to get back on track. I’ve considered other sites but since we cook a large portion of our own food I’ve had to build the nutrition facts there already and really don’t want to transfer that info.

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