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Workout 18 Episode 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 16, 2011

Not my best work

Deadlift 225 74

1/2 Snatch Press 24K 5/5 X 7 + 4/5 = 79

Swing squat 24K 5 X 14 + 2 = 72

TGU 24K 8/8

MTN Jump 5 X 14 = 70

Tomorrow I go see Kurt

Today I was feeling good, my diet this week has been clean, I feel lean, I’m good to go. Then I hopped on the scale it hit 238 then slowly made it’s way back to 239. A bummer, I’m gonna be lucky to break even tomorrow. I have to keep the good news in my head, I feel like I’ve found the diet that will carry me past this plateau.


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