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monday Morning Weigh In: 240.0

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 7, 2011

I’m running a little heavy this week and there is no doubt in my mind it is due to my lack of motivation last week to both stay on diet and get my workouts complete. This week, I believe, will be much better. I’m definitely more charged up to behave properly. I think there are two major factors:
1) Sleep – going into last week I was sleep deprived from the outset. What I should have done is taken Monday to catch some extra z’s, what I tried to do instead is bully through. I don’t sleep 8 hours a night or anything but if I can’t get 5, I’m pretty messed up.
2) See what’s out there – the single biggest motivator seems to be seeing all the cool things that exist to do. In the past looking at mud runs has done a great job of this. This weekend I spent some time trying to populate our calendar with stuff we wanted to do like trampoline dodgeball, orienteering, snow shoeing and more. Those things make me want to train hard so I can get out and do more of them.
I’m hoping to ride this wave of excitement through the week. I’ve got training tonight, which will be tough because I just started the new program last eve, Tuesday is off, Wednesday is training, Thursday is optional trainig and Friday is an orienteering course. I’m not even thinking about the weekend yet.
Next week I visit Kurt. I imagine I’ll still be running heavy but that’s the way it goes when you get off discipline.

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