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Excuses Excuses

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 3, 2011

It’s been a slow workout week. I’ve got a lot of excuses but not much to show for them
Monday: didn’t sleep much Sunday night plus it was Halloween so there were little kids at the door off and of all night.

Tuesday: Trampoline Dodgeball, this was fun and a decent workout.

Wednesday: lower back tightness from the trampoline left me a bit feeble.
Dbl Snatch 16K 10 X 10 – got some wicked blisters for this. I think I need to do some high volume snatches each week to keep the hands conditioned.
Burppes – I think it was 49
That was it for Wednesday night

Thursday – I have a friend who wanted to get together so I doubt there’ll be  workout in it for me

Friday – Grocery night

Saturday – Invited the boardgame group over already. I may be able to squeeze in a workout but I’m not banking on it

That makes Sunday the likely next day for a workout. Between now and Sunday I have some homework for myself. I have noticed over the last week that my motivation has fallen off. I’be been less disciplined in my eating and in my training. I’m going to work on finding that motivation again. I’ve got a few ideas, I find watching the Spartan race videos uplifting so maybe I’ll make some time for those each day. I also have thought about just spending a few minutes each day meditating on my goals for next year. I’m also going to work on removing some distractions. With Halloween having just happened, there seem to be sweets everywhere, I’ve got to clear them out of the spaces in which I live and work. Additionally I started messing around with an online game, I think it’s time to disconnect myself from that, it’s just one more thing to do instead of training.

On the good side I’ve gotten more involved with outdoorsy people. I’ve joined several new meetup groups, one seems to be working out really well. It was with one of these groups that I went and played dodgeball this week and with whom, next week, I’ll be a night time orienteering course.  So those are all on the right track and I’m very excited by that.


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