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The 95%

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 30, 2011

Went for a jog today down Minnehaha to the Mississippi, up the other side of Minnehaha and then returned. It clocked in at 3.5 miles, 41 minutes, so just below a 12 minute mile, which is a little slow for me. It had a fair number of hills and some trail running involved though so I’m pretty happy with the time and I really feel I got a good workout in. I wore my heart Rate Monitor for it and clocked it at 715 calories, Max HR 179, Avg HR 166. I also did a couple side hills just for the leg work and hit the monkey bars on the way to and from the run. I’m still working on monkey bars because they are a fantastic upper body workout. I can tell you where the 179 happened, that hill coming out of the valley is just crazy and I hit 179 or 95% of my max HR coming out of that. I felt it throughout my body to; lung, stomach, heart. I wouldn’t dare push that hard for long but once in a while for a short while, it’s good.
Tomorrow is Kurt’s workout. It’s a bit grinding but it’s going to sit really well between today’s workout and my plans for Tuesday. Tuesday I’m going to a place called, I think, Sky Zone. They basically have a gymnasium of gymnastics trampolines and you can just screw around or you can get some dodgeball going. with jumping and bouncing and all kinds of craziness off the trampolines. It should make for a facinating workout. I doubt I’ll wear my HR as I don’t trust it to stay in place.

Wednesday or Thursday will be off, the other day will be Kurt’s workout. That’ll be the week.

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