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Providence 16K – win

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 26, 2011

Completed with 16K, 90 reps in snatch challenge


Running heavy today 243.4 prior to workout. I got back on diet today so I’m sure that’s slightly artifically high but I’ll need to monitor.

I did Providence today because I wanted a break from my current workout and needed someone kicking me in the ass to keep moving. I surogated Anthony DiLuglia’s voice for my own head voice today. I did better than I ever recall doing on the workout. Other than a couple stumbles in the tactical lunge section and a couple drops in the slingshots I kept going straight through. I won’t call it easy but I will say that I think Kurt’s custom programs are tougher. In fairness to Anthony, presumably any tailored programs will always win but I enjoyed the counter point.

Tomorrow is Tennis. Friday is Off. Saturday will have to be early or not at all, I’m thinking early jog.

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