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Slow week

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 14, 2011

Got my physical on Tuesday. I’ve got the results and they’re decent. My blood glucose was normal (89) and thus I’m not appearing the be diabetic, something I’ve worried about at times. My BP was a hair hight (134/81). I’ll blame some of it on the fasting but it’ll be something to work on. My cholesterol is high, but my HDLs are high too. She, the doc, didn’t seem to think it was something to be treated with meds (Total: 213, HDL: 37, LDL: 157, Triglyceride: 57). Again, something to work on but not terrible. Finally I got my thyroid tested and it came back as being right in line.

While there I got a vaccination. It took a couple days for the shoulder to heal up but I’m good now. I’ve got family coming to town over the weekend so I won’t get much training done then. I’m really excited to get back to full swing training. I’ve got some new running shoes and a hydration pack (think camelbak) coming in on Monday. So look for a lull in my training until then but next week should be awesome.

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