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Workout 16, session 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 6, 2011

Sumo Dead 185 lbs X 83. Lost the last minute to a phone call
1/2 TGU 16K X
MTN Jump X 129
Dbl Snatch -> Press 58
Janda 104

I felt like I went all out on the snatch to presses. I got a couple extra reps but nothing indicating how much harder I thought I was working.

Kurt offerred up a 10-10-10 challenge to his clients. Ten burpees, ten chair dips, ten/ten mtn climbers for ten minutes and see how many rounds a people could do. I had hoped to do it after training tonight but it was 9pm and I don’t like to train after nine. From the end of the dog’s walk (7:30 ish) until 9 is the time I give myself. Hopefully this weekend I’ll do it. Also, I taped some of the snatches. As it worked out the camera was in a bad spot so all I could see was a side shot of navel down. I had hoped for a larger shot but it was revealing in that I don’t move anything from the knees down. I have to work on my snatch form over the course of the winter.

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