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Change of pace

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 1, 2011

After changing jobs and moving into the house I’ve been sliding my way back into a workout routine. I’ve also tried to take advantage of this break in routine to reconsider what it looks like. Right now it was looking like training 2 weeknights and one weekend day per week using Kurt’s programs.
Laura and I had a discussion about what my routine looked like versus how I’d like it to look (another workout or two per week). We settled on something that I would like to think is sustainable. Three weekday workouts with one weekend workout and non workout nights may incorporate a little more activity that might pass for exercise with other folks. Things like a bike ride or a jog. I think I’d ideally have an hour carved out each night for training, rehabing, playing outside but the truth is that is just not something I feel comfortable from the standpoint of maintaining my relationship with other human beings, of which my wife is my first focus.
I’ve also been messing with my diet considerably. I’m drifting back into the mode of many small meals. I’ve also bee supplementing with protein for some of those meals, and 80 calories protein shake seems to tide me over for a couple hours.
Finally, I started toying with the idea of getting engaged in “adventure races” in late July/ early August. I’ve decided that is precisely what I want to do. I did some homework and found that several of them don’t sound all that challenging. The Spartan Sprint doesn’t sound like much of a thing to do. I can do three miles without exhausting myself and throwing in some hills and things to play at doesn’t sound much worse. The Spartan Super on the other hand, now that sounds like something to train for. I’ve done five miles and not felt too bad but throw in the hills and events and I think it’ll be a whole lot more fun. In terms of the Spartan races, it’s The Beast I truly covet.
All that said, it’s not Spartan that I intend to open with. It’s the Tough Mudder I plan to open with. I’ve asked my trainer if we wants to field a team. If he says no, I’m booking in ASAP. It’s gonna be a good time and a fascinating challenge to get through the Mudder. I’m super excited. I may hate it and it’ll be a one off. I may love it and it’ll go further.
So, with all that in mind, I have an interesting challenge laid out before me. With not a lot more time than I currently have, I want to elevate my fitness. I’m striving to drop my waist to 36″. I’ll be working the hill that is local to my house, training up for the Mudder.I bought a bike tonight so I can spend some time on that too, tooling around the area.

This will be a trip, one way or another.

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