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workout 13 episode 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 19, 2011

my last workout was Tuesday with Kurt. We did three exercises for 6 minutes each, two of them are in this program, they smoked me. One thing I learned about was determining volume. Based on this my volume has been too low. I’m gonna try to go higher and see what I can do. I expect to be sore for days.

Start lower shin
End lower shin

Mountain Jumps 10:00
Start low shin
Reps 100
End top ankle

Kettlebell Thrusters 16K X 2 10:00
Start mid ankle
Reps 65
End middle of top of foot

Deadlift 185 10:00
Start middle of top of foot
Reps 70
End bottom of top of foot

Double Kettlebell High Pull 16K 10:00
Start bottom of to of foot
Reps 110
End middle of top of foot

Hanging Leg Rais 10:00
Start bottom of top of foot
Endtop of top of toes

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