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workout 12 episode 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 10, 2011

slow working through these. workout disrupting insanity continues

Monday 90 minutes of tennis
Tuesday 40 minutes of tennis
Running heavy after a weekend w/ family in town, gotta get back on rythm but this month is gonna be a total mess.

start mid shin
end low shin

dbl snatch 16K 10:00
start low shin
reps 11 x 10 sets
end low shin

V up 10:00
start low shin
reps 6 X 10 sets
end low shin

windmill 16K 10:00
start low ankle
reps 10/10 X 6
end top ankle

TGU 24K 10:00
start interrupted, no chance to test
reps 1/1 x 9
end top ankle

Split switch lunge 10:00
start top ankle
reps 6/6 X 10
end bottom shin – over fried the quads a bit

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