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Craziest week on record

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 7, 2011

I missed an entire week’s workouts. I tried to get to one on Wednesday or Thursday but even that didn’t happen. That said, I really wouldn’t change a thing. This week I had two job interviews at Target and blew off one at health partners. Also we put in a bid on a house that was accepted. The insanity of running around constantly was enough to keep me out of the gym. This weekend I had hoped to return but an impromptu visit by my sister and her boyfriend kept me out plus we went out to eat several times.
Tonight I don’t have enough time left for a full workout, that’s ok. I’m just interested in getting moving again. I’m going to do some light work and make the body work a little better this eve. I may have trouble getting in tomorrow as I have a friend and coworker I need to catch up on the events of last week but I’m going to do my best to return to my workouts and playing tennis this week.

Start lower shin
end bottom ankle

pullup x 2

kettlebell squats and cossacks
lower shin

kettlebell rows
assisted pistols
pullup x 2

lower shin

It’s not much but I feel better having moved and it’s after 9 now.
Look for a something tomorrow, not sure what but something more and a real workout or tennis on Tues.

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