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prep for visitors

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 15, 2011

60 minutes of tennis Thursday
took yesterday (Friday) off from training
Today – see below
Tomorrow and probably Sunday there will be no training as I’ll have house guests.

Start mid shin
end bottom shin

Snatches 16K
Start bottom shin
reps 20/20 X 5, 10/10 220
End bottom shin
probably a slight loss of ROM on this one but only because I pushed it. It went 20/20, rest the balance of 1:45 which was between 10 and 15 seconds.

Start top of ankle
Reps 1/1 X 10
End top of ankle

Deadlift 225
Start top of ankles
reps 60
end mid ankle
kinda blew my wad early on this one with 10 reps right out of the gate then 5 every 45 seconds for a few. I dropped it to 5 per minute then for the last minute hit 10 again

Clean and Press with open rotation 16K
start top of ankle – no go
Originally planned 24K for this but the LDs left me in noe condition to try that. 16K allows me to exercise without tightening.
My form was shot on these and as you can see I lost ROM, I think it’s because I already beat myself up enough.

BW squats
start Bottom ankle
reps 30
end top of foot
Stopped at 3 mins in because ROM was starting to slip and I don’t thin I’ve been able to do a top of foot since I chnaged the way I was measuring to make it harder.Just for fun I tested the old way, it’s almost thumb tip on the ground. A good note to go out on.
gonna take these slow, it’s all about ROM improvement for this one.

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mid week

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 13, 2011

60 minutes of tennis yesterday

start mid shin
end mid shin

Start lower shin
reps 8/8
end bottom shin
really trying to work the form Kurt taught me.

Clean and Press w/ open rotation 24K
start bottom shin
reps 10/10 X 4
end bottom of shins
Sets took about 1:40 each. For the first three I rested the balance of 2 mins. After the third set muscle fatigue was setting in on shoulders so I took an extra minute before starting 4th, then short break on change of sides of fourth.

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Monday AM

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 11, 2011

No real training this weekend. I started a session Friday PM but my left shoulder wasn’t quite up to speed and I got called away 5 minutes into my first set to take care of a tick on the dog. At that point I decided to call it. I did play tennis for 90 minutes on Saturday.

Today starts workout 11.

start mid shin
end bottom shin

snatches 16K 10:00
start lower shin
reps 20/20 X 5
end bottom shin
sets took about 1:30-1:40, rested the balance of 2 mins)
end bottom shin

Bodyweight squats (I’m assuming this means no weight added not a bodyweight barbell)
start bottom shin
reps 10 reps X 14 sets
end bottom shin
sets took 25-30 seconds and I took 20 seconds break in between except between the last three when I shortened it to try and get in on eextra set

I have a commitment after work tonight so no PM workout. This week I expect Laura will be looking for 2-4 tennis sessions so I imagine pm sessions in general will be hard to come by.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 8, 2011

Played tennis for 60 minutes yesterday.
I chose to take this AM off for a couple reasons:
I’ve been draggy the last couple mornings which is usually a sign that I need to sleep a hair more.
I’ve been having some soreness in my left shoulder for a couple days. I think I overdid it a bit with my sitouts the other day and over rotated it.
So a morning to rest and heal.
I need to get another session with Kurt set up soon to get the weightloss goal portion rolling.

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a little sluggish

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 7, 2011

start top shin
end mid shin

thruster 16K unilateral 10:00
start mid shin
reps 10/10 X 6
end mid shin (close to bottom shin)

One exercise to start the day when I felt like doing none.
Tonight is supposed to be tennis.

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Good morning

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 6, 2011

Start top shin
End bottom shin

Cossacks 8K 10:00
Start bottom shin
Reps 10/10 X 4 + 10/10 no weight
End bottom shin
Called it with 1:30 to cause because my ROM started to slip. This is most likely due to some residual tension I had from the 16K reps I did several days ago that hasn’t totally cleared.

Swings 24K 10:00
Start bottom shin
Reps 10/10 X 11
End very top ankle
double checked my math, start at 10:00 and did one ever 55 second including at 0:50

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July 5

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 5, 2011

slow start to the day, late bed time led to sleeping in so no workout this AM. It’s 4:30 now so I’ve got some time to train. I’ve loaded a largish Google Playlist so I’ve got tunes. I didn’t get to train much yesterday so I’ve got desire…..

Yesterday was only cossacks but they left me beat, my mid back is sluggish today as a result. To me this indicates bad form. I’ll have to clean that up. I think I’m letting my form slip in a desire to push the reps for several exercises. I’m going to slow my reps down on the more complex movements, meaning there will be a temporary drop in numbers on those exercises. Long term I may dissect them out of the workout in kind of a weird way but we’ll just see. I’m thinking my next session with Kurt will be more talking and less application than the last couple have been. I’ve got a few ideas floating around in my head that I need to talk out with someone I trust on the topic.

**Note to self, just looking at the current program to type the exercise in and Kurt explicitly stated light cossacks so I made an error in skipping up to 16 yesterday. I’ll try 8K next time and try to determine is 8 or 12 is the magic bullet.

Start mid shin
End bottom shin
went lighter than usual to keep tension out of back

Thrusters 95lbs barbell 10:00
Start bottom shin (minor loss of ROM, I think it’s due to trying to work the barbell rack position)

Lopsided Thrusters 16K KB 10:00
Start top ankle
Reps 10/10 X 6
End top ankle
PRE Note: This is two or three attempts at thrusters in a row that hurt my ROM. I strongly suspected that was linked to the implement so I thought I’d go a little crazy and do a thruster with just one kettlebell as I thought the implement would suit my needs more. It seems to be working. I should be getting a matched pair of 16s this month, until then this is lopsided

Post Not: holy crap that beat on me. I got some serious depth and ROM went well, I think the last set dropped it a hair but I gained overall.

Sit out 10:00 (remember do sets of 10)
Start top of ankle, so close to mid
reps 10/10 X 6 ( I never thought I’d hit 120 this way)
End top ankle

callin’ it. this was great. got swing, rows and cossacks for tomorrow.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 4, 2011

Saturday we played tennis for about 45 minutes
Yesterday was nothing
I’m going to try and get in a small workout now.
I’ve been thinking a lot about body composition lately. I think my loooooong term goal needs to be a waist to hip ratio sub 1.0.

start bottom shin
end top ankle

Cossack 16K 10:00
start top of ankle
reps 10/10X 3
end bottom of ankle
These were freakin’ exhausting. My first set too just over a minute and a half. Based on that five sets should have been easy. I probably didn’t push quite hard enough, I should have gone to four but I guess that’s for next time.

Thruster 95lbs
start mid ankle, tested poorly

this will set me up for swings, sitouts and rows tomorrow am

The workout ended up a tad shorter than desired. I considered picking up another exercise but I have company due in a couple hours so I’m calling it for today. I feel better just having gotten some movement in.

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hot out there

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 1, 2011

July 4th weekend so I got off work a little early, walked the dog and gonna hit the gym for a bit.

start mid shin
end bottom shin

24K swings 10:00
start bottom shin
reps 10/ 10 35 sec, rest 20 sec (55 per set) X 9, 10/10 35 sec rest 15 sec, 10/10 35 sec total 10/10 X 11 (had to double check my math but it checks out)
end bottom shin

24K rows 10:00
start bottom shin
reps 10/10 X 4, failure setting in at 4 minutes
end top of ankles

total pull ups 2 (rows brought and end to these)

called it after the rows despite not getting to cossacks as muscle failure was beginning.

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It’s been longer than I would have liked

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 1, 2011

It’s been longer since my last workout than I would have liked. Wednesday PM I chose not to do anything. Thursday AM I was looking to hit it hard but I couldn’t sleep for a couple hours the night before so I chose to take the extra Z’s. Thursday PM I had a work function that I wanted to put in an appearance at. So here I am, Friday morning, no making up for lost time but time to get back at it.
On a side not, google music is a great solution for my MP3 library. The upload process of all my music is slow but I no longer need to drag CDs down here, I can listen to my library from any computer.

Start mid shin
End mid shin

Thrusters (barbell) 95lbs 10:00
start bottom shin
reps 5 X 7
end bottom shin
I did a quick search on thrusters and found that the last time I did them I did 135lbs for 8 reps, before that is was two 30lb dumbbells for 25. 35 reps with 95 lbs is a whole lot more than either. Progress

Sitouts 10:00
Start bottom shin
reps 5/5 X 12 (these felt a little easy so I checked, last time I did 1/10, I’ll have to remember to stick to 10/10)
end bottom shin

pullups total (done as single sprinkled throughout) 5

I aspired to more during this workout but the clock kept me from getting too far into it. It’s probably for the best. I suspect this program to be very deceptive. The weights are light but the exercises are effective. It’ll be easy to overdo it and not feel the effects until hours later.

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