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Workout 12 episode 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 30, 2011

This workout is awesome but takes its toll on me and I had to take a day away from it. Time to get back to work.
Thursday and Friday eve we played tennis for 60 mins each.
I’ve been working up a goal sheet to replace the X-list the recognizes my current intentions.

All exercises for 10:00 unless otherwise stated

Start bottom shin
End botto m shin (almost ankle)

DBL Snatches 16K
Start bottom shin
Reps 11 X 10 sets
End top ankle

Start top ankle
Reps 1 x 6, 5 X 4
End top ankle

Windmill 16K
Start top ankle
Reps 5/5 X 11
End mid ankle

Start mid ankle
Reps 1/1 x 13
End top of top of foot

Lunge Split Switch
Start middle of top of foot
Reps 6/6 X 10
End top of top of foot

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