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Hot Saturday

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 23, 2011

Had a great session with Kurt yesterday. Time to dial up some weight loss. I rang in at 247 on his scale yesterday, 246.0 on my scale this morning. He’s asked me to keep a food log for a few days so I’ll post that here as well.

Need to return to 2 minute breaks but going to also take sets a little easier gotta avoid tension throughout the workout.

Start bottom shin
End mid ankle

Snatch 16K High reps, pull weight down 10:00
Start mid ankle
Reps 20/20 X 3, 10/10 X 4
End bottom ankle

TGU 16K 10:00
Start top of top of foot
Reps 1/1 X 12
End middle of top of foot

Deadlift 225lb 10:00
Start middle of top of foot
Reps 2 X 23
End bottom of top of foot

Clean and press w/ open rotation 16K
passed on these cause I had a blood blister from a couple weeks ago that came open. No pain and no mess but the cleans threatened to tear it so I thought I’d try to clean it up first.

BW Squat 10:00
Start top of top of toes
Reps 10 X 10
End top of top of toes

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