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New kettelbells

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 19, 2011

Yesterday my new 16Ks arrived. I’ve never owned a matched pair of bells before. I’m excited to use them. In that vein I’m going to to not do the prescribed workout today but some thrusters instead. Plus I’ve got a wicked blood blister on my left hand that I’m not quite ready to open with a ton of snatches.

My quads are a little sore from the jog yesterday so we’ll see how they hold up

Start mid shin
end lower shin

Thrusters 16K X 2 10:00
start lower shin
reps 10 X 6
end lower shin
My blog tells me that volume-wise, this is identical to the volume when I did unilateral thrusters recently. I gotta say I feel more beat up than I remember from then. compared to other bilateral thrusters I have to go back to 3/29 when I did then with 35lb dbs for 25 reps.

TGU 16K 10:00
start top ankle ( I was super close after the thrusters)
reps 1/1 X 11
end top of ankle
pretty sure the reps are right. I couldn’t keep count but the timing was that it took me just under a minute per pair and I sped it up a hair at the end by truncating the hip extensions just to hit 11 sets. I think I may bump this to 24K as I don’t see a lot of benefit in trying to sped it up. I feel like the less dense (can’t think of an antonym to dense right now) kettlebell is easier, even for a fairly static motion like this. It seems like little wobbles are less catastrophic to form, which makes sense

Called it there on time. I need to start compressing my time a bit. I think I’m giving myself too much rest between sets and it’s making the workouts too long.

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