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prep for visitors

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 15, 2011

60 minutes of tennis Thursday
took yesterday (Friday) off from training
Today – see below
Tomorrow and probably Sunday there will be no training as I’ll have house guests.

Start mid shin
end bottom shin

Snatches 16K
Start bottom shin
reps 20/20 X 5, 10/10 220
End bottom shin
probably a slight loss of ROM on this one but only because I pushed it. It went 20/20, rest the balance of 1:45 which was between 10 and 15 seconds.

Start top of ankle
Reps 1/1 X 10
End top of ankle

Deadlift 225
Start top of ankles
reps 60
end mid ankle
kinda blew my wad early on this one with 10 reps right out of the gate then 5 every 45 seconds for a few. I dropped it to 5 per minute then for the last minute hit 10 again

Clean and Press with open rotation 16K
start top of ankle – no go
Originally planned 24K for this but the LDs left me in noe condition to try that. 16K allows me to exercise without tightening.
My form was shot on these and as you can see I lost ROM, I think it’s because I already beat myself up enough.

BW squats
start Bottom ankle
reps 30
end top of foot
Stopped at 3 mins in because ROM was starting to slip and I don’t thin I’ve been able to do a top of foot since I chnaged the way I was measuring to make it harder.Just for fun I tested the old way, it’s almost thumb tip on the ground. A good note to go out on.
gonna take these slow, it’s all about ROM improvement for this one.

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