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Monday AM

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 11, 2011

No real training this weekend. I started a session Friday PM but my left shoulder wasn’t quite up to speed and I got called away 5 minutes into my first set to take care of a tick on the dog. At that point I decided to call it. I did play tennis for 90 minutes on Saturday.

Today starts workout 11.

start mid shin
end bottom shin

snatches 16K 10:00
start lower shin
reps 20/20 X 5
end bottom shin
sets took about 1:30-1:40, rested the balance of 2 mins)
end bottom shin

Bodyweight squats (I’m assuming this means no weight added not a bodyweight barbell)
start bottom shin
reps 10 reps X 14 sets
end bottom shin
sets took 25-30 seconds and I took 20 seconds break in between except between the last three when I shortened it to try and get in on eextra set

I have a commitment after work tonight so no PM workout. This week I expect Laura will be looking for 2-4 tennis sessions so I imagine pm sessions in general will be hard to come by.

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