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July 5

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 5, 2011

slow start to the day, late bed time led to sleeping in so no workout this AM. It’s 4:30 now so I’ve got some time to train. I’ve loaded a largish Google Playlist so I’ve got tunes. I didn’t get to train much yesterday so I’ve got desire…..

Yesterday was only cossacks but they left me beat, my mid back is sluggish today as a result. To me this indicates bad form. I’ll have to clean that up. I think I’m letting my form slip in a desire to push the reps for several exercises. I’m going to slow my reps down on the more complex movements, meaning there will be a temporary drop in numbers on those exercises. Long term I may dissect them out of the workout in kind of a weird way but we’ll just see. I’m thinking my next session with Kurt will be more talking and less application than the last couple have been. I’ve got a few ideas floating around in my head that I need to talk out with someone I trust on the topic.

**Note to self, just looking at the current program to type the exercise in and Kurt explicitly stated light cossacks so I made an error in skipping up to 16 yesterday. I’ll try 8K next time and try to determine is 8 or 12 is the magic bullet.

Start mid shin
End bottom shin
went lighter than usual to keep tension out of back

Thrusters 95lbs barbell 10:00
Start bottom shin (minor loss of ROM, I think it’s due to trying to work the barbell rack position)

Lopsided Thrusters 16K KB 10:00
Start top ankle
Reps 10/10 X 6
End top ankle
PRE Note: This is two or three attempts at thrusters in a row that hurt my ROM. I strongly suspected that was linked to the implement so I thought I’d go a little crazy and do a thruster with just one kettlebell as I thought the implement would suit my needs more. It seems to be working. I should be getting a matched pair of 16s this month, until then this is lopsided

Post Not: holy crap that beat on me. I got some serious depth and ROM went well, I think the last set dropped it a hair but I gained overall.

Sit out 10:00 (remember do sets of 10)
Start top of ankle, so close to mid
reps 10/10 X 6 ( I never thought I’d hit 120 this way)
End top ankle

callin’ it. this was great. got swing, rows and cossacks for tomorrow.

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