Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 4, 2011

Saturday we played tennis for about 45 minutes
Yesterday was nothing
I’m going to try and get in a small workout now.
I’ve been thinking a lot about body composition lately. I think my loooooong term goal needs to be a waist to hip ratio sub 1.0.

start bottom shin
end top ankle

Cossack 16K 10:00
start top of ankle
reps 10/10X 3
end bottom of ankle
These were freakin’ exhausting. My first set too just over a minute and a half. Based on that five sets should have been easy. I probably didn’t push quite hard enough, I should have gone to four but I guess that’s for next time.

Thruster 95lbs
start mid ankle, tested poorly

this will set me up for swings, sitouts and rows tomorrow am

The workout ended up a tad shorter than desired. I considered picking up another exercise but I have company due in a couple hours so I’m calling it for today. I feel better just having gotten some movement in.

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